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Bethesurfer.com is open for guest posts. If you are a technical writer, magazine writer publisher or journalist, you can submit your articles on our blog and by submitting a guest post you could gain exposure and targeted readers via organic traffic.

Requirement for guest posting
  • Articles should be 100% unique by passing with any plagiarism checker tools and fresh.
  • Articles Titles should be limited within 40 to 80 characters with consistence of articles.
  • Articles body should contain 300 to 2000 words with neat and clear grammars.
  • We will provide dofollow link as well as nofollow link as per your requirement.
  • You have to send royalty free and match able images with articles. Otherwise we are not able to accept.
Once your articles published on our blog you can’t re-published the articles at anywhere.

If your articles are ready according to our guidelines please send and get opportunity to be global with you thinking. Please send the article to the following mail sarahlucasny@gmail.com OR Submit the article to using the below form..

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