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Why would you clean your windows every week? Cleaning windows is not only about keeping your rooms fresh but is also about keeping your indoor air free from germs, increase the durability of your windows and save power consumption cost. A lot of homeowners overlook cleaning of the windows; hence this article has been curated to help you understand the importance of window cleaning. Read the following factors to be considered. 

What is the importance of window cleaning?

• If you do not maintain the regular window cleaning, there are chances that you can face some operational difficulty in your window. You need to remove the dirt and grime from your widows to ensure their smooth function. A well-maintained window can last for years, and you do not need to replace your windows every couple of years if you maintain your windows on a regular basis. With window cleaning you can easily identify the potential damages of your windows and get it repaired as soon as possible to save on major repair cost. 

• Windows can get affected by water, moisture, heat and fingerprints. Apart from that, smoke from the fireplace or the candles also affect the windows’ condition over the years as a layer of smoke can build up on your window glasses and it will make your windows hazy. Window cleaning aids in keeping the windows in top condition and prevent such damages. 

• In case you have installed any kind of screen on your windows, it should be cleaned every week because such screens can trap dust, dirt and pollutants, which affect the air inside the house causing health related issue. You will notice that your family members, especially your children are suffering from allergy caused because of the air in the house. This because of huge amount of dust deposited on your window panels which gets carried with the air coming from the outside. So, window cleaning can keep your family safe from major health related problems. 

• You should clean your windows to remove the grime and fingerprints because it will increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. fingerprints and grime might not be visible from indoor, but you can clearly see such spots from the outside of your home. It is suggested to avoid harsh chemicals for window cleaning because they can spread some infection in your rooms. 

• You can filter the light through your window, and you can use different types of window treatments for the same. If your windows are affected by hard water, smoke and oxidation it will affect the light coming through your windows. Natural sunlight can keep your rooms fresh, and you can install some glass windows to avail natural lights. You do not need to use your lights and air conditioning system in daytime if you have cleaned windows in your home.

Cleaning windows

• Cleaning windows can save your power consumption cost. Dirt and dust built up on your windows can reduce the heating efficiency of your HVAC system because direct sun’s heat cannot penetrate into your rooms. As a result, you need to use your heating system throughout the day, and it will increase your power consumption cost. So, get the window cleaning done from trained and professional service. 


Modern windows are expensive to install, and you need to spend an additional amount for different types of window coverings. You can use heavy curtains, blinds, and awnings for your windows, but cleaning of your windows is required to keep your home hygienic. You can search such window cleaning services online and check their reviews to choose the best one. 

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