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Nalanda was historically a major source of Buddhist literature. It attracted students and travellers from various countries as Asia's famous university from the 5th to 12th centuries AD. 

Often thanks to the Buddha's presence, Nalanda was a hub for scholars worldwide. A Chinese Buddhist monk, Hieun Tsang, first came to the city during the 7th century, he described how the city was inspired by a serpent. It is also the birthplace of Sariputra, Lord Buddha's supporter.

In Gupta Kings, Ashoka, and Harshavardhana, there are several ancient stupas, monasteries, temples, and chaityas on the Nalanda sightseeing tour. Nalanda is packed with architectural and historic buildings. 

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Here are some of the sights for you to visit in Nalanda to turn your trip into an unforgettable experience:

● Nav Nalanda Mahavihara: 

If you love history, visit this fantastic place in Nalanda. The spot highlights the old tradition of the contemporary world. Constructed as a modern Buddhist centre, the school of ancient Pali script and Buddha religion is abandoned today. 

● Surya Mandir, Nalanda:

Close to the Nalanda University, where shrines of various Buddhist and Hindu deities are placed, this temple is devoted to the sun god. A five-foot-high Goddess Parvati idol is also housed in the temple. 

In this temple, the popular Chat Puja is held and celebrated with great enthusiasm two times a year. Many devotees in Nalanda pay respect to God.

● Nalanda Archaeological Museum

The Nalanda University Museum houses ancient relics and gives a peek into Nalanda's culture. There are various artefacts in the Museum, from statues to other exhibitions of art, one of Nalanda's best places for you to see. 

● Pawapuri

It is a holy place for Jains in the district of Bihar Nalanda and is one of Nalanda's best places to visit. This tourist site of Nalanda became important because in 500 BC Lord Mahavir is believed to have been buried here. 

● The Great Stupa

Established by Ashoka in the 3rd century, it is one of the ruins of the University of Nalanda; the structure is like a pyramid, with steps and magnificent sculptures flanked by a flight. The Great Stupa is one of Nalanda's most popular residences and a popular tourist destination in Nalanda.

● Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall

The Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall was built as one of the most popular tourist stopovers in Nalanda, in memory of the popular Chinese tourist who came to the Nalanda University to study Buddhism and mysticism. 

The memorial hall includes many documents in Buddhist writing, which are a great source of history. This attraction is a prominent place among the many places to visit in Nalanda during your vacation.

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