Perfect Holiday

Planning a holiday as a family can be tricky. But there’s no reason why a holiday with the family shouldn’t be fun, no matter what the age of your children. Here are some steps to making that holiday magic happen.

Get the right travel insurance

Many families forget to get travel insurance until the last minute. The problem is, they’re then not covered if they have to cancel due to illness or other circumstances. As soon as you book your break, visit and compare travel insurance policies. If you’re travelling with kids, they’ll need cover too, in case of an accident or illnesses. Travel insurance is really important when travelling with children, as you have more luggage and a lot more things can go wrong, so you need to be covered. 

Research your destination

You need to make sure that, even if a holiday destination is described as family-friendly, it might not be right for your family. You need to make sure the destination suits your family’s style. Do you prefer active or quiet, lots of activities or days by the pool? There’s plenty of information online, such as guides to enjoy UK beach holidays, which can help you narrow down the best destination. 

Some things to look out for include:

  • Days out nearby
  • Beaches nearby that are suitable for swimming and paddling
  • Restaurants and caf├ęs nearby that offer kid-friendly options
  • Accommodation options that suit family groups
This ensures you pick the right destination and aren’t stuck somewhere that’s not suitable with your children getting bored.

Know what you’ll be doing on holiday

Being spontaneous is great when you’re childfree, but when you have kids, you may want to plan things a bit more carefully. Children often get bored on holiday, and if you have kids of different ages, then keeping them all occupied is even harder. You should make sure you have plans for most days of your holiday, which will ensure that everyone is kept entertained, and you don’t end up with kids complaining that they are bored.

Check that your destination is safe

Safety is key when you travel with children. While you may have backpacked or gone to riskier areas in your youth, this is more difficult with kids in tow. It’s worth checking the Smart Traveller website to get country specific advice on your destination. This will give you tips on how to stay safe and common mistakes that tourists make. Most family holiday destinations are perfectly safe, so while you shouldn’t be worried, you should make sure you’re well-informed and prepared.

Planning family holidays can be tough as there is so much to consider. It’s not all about catering to your whims and the things you want to do. You have to compromise and ensure everyone has something to keep them happy. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your break. Some careful planning can avoid potential pitfalls and means you can plan the perfect holiday.

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