• Are you someone that has been involved in a truck accident and are looking to hire an attorney?
  • Do you know what are some personality traits you should look for in a truck accident lawyer for your case?
  • Have you thought about asking the attorney a specific set of questions that can help decode their expertise?

Truck accidents are dangerous events where collisions can result in serious and devastating injuries. In some extreme cases, they can also prove to be fatal taking the life of an innocent motorcyclist or a car driver on the roads. 

Most truck accident lawsuits are filed with the intention of getting just compensation for the damages that have been suffered. However, building a truck accident case is far more complex than you might think as compared to other personal injury lawsuits. 

You have to go against big trucking companies and their army of experienced legal experts and insurance providers. This is why hiring the best legal minds to represent you because utmost important. 

In this article, we are going to discuss some major questions that can help you select the best truck accident lawyer in Villa Rica, GA

List of Questions to ask a Truck Accident Lawyer before you hire them

Question 1: Do you have a experience in representing victims in truck accidents?

There are several other forms of personal injury civil lawsuits. For example, everything from car accidents to slip-and-fall accidents all come under personal injury lawsuits. However, you do not want someone who has tons of experience in dog bite cases and zero knowledge of truck accidents representing. You need to look for lawyers and attorneys that have good experience and several cases under their belt in truck accident lawsuits. 

Question 2: Are the merits of my case strong enough to seek compensation from the other party?

You need to figure out if your case is strong enough to merit you pursuing the case further. A good and experienced legal expert can go through all the facts of your case and then prescribe whether the same is valid or not. You might only need to seek your own insurance company to pay for the damages if the fault does not lie with the truck driver. However, only a legal expert can help you answer this. 

Question 3: Have you fought cases against major corporations and gone up against their lawyers?

If you are going to pursue the truck accident case, you need to figure out whether the attorney of your choice has had the experience of going up against high-profile professionals. The trucking company might be a billion-dollar business with an army of the best legal minds. Your truck accident attorney needs to have the experience and skill of going up against them. Ask for track records, success in settlements won and any other significant details you might deem fit. 

Question 4: What are some ways through which you are going to gather facts and evidence for the case?

In any personal injury case, gathering evidence determines the outcome. The best truck accident attorneys work with their investigators. They work hard, even outside the legal systems to gain access to evidence that can help in shifting the momentum of the case. Experienced attorneys share excellent relationships with law enforcement officials. This helps them get their hands on the police report. All this goes a long way in determining a favorable outcome. 

Question 5: How are you going to determine the amount of compensation that I should be rewarded?

The right truck accident lawyer will take into account all the facts before coming up with an exact or ballpark figure of settlement. They do this by going through the medical bills, car damage, and lost wages among other things. They make sure that the settlement amount will be fair to cover most of your damages incurred. 

Question 6: Will you be able to fight the case if the settlement falls through and we go to trial?

There is a difference in the capabilities and approaches of settling lawyers and the ones that are confident of going to trial. Someone that looks to settle will look unnerved when the possibility of going to trial starts looming on the horizon. Make sure you ask the attorney whether they are confident of going to trial if the possibility arises. Truck accident cases have a higher probability of going to trial as compared to other personal injury lawsuits. 

Question 7: What will the payment structure, model, and terms regarding your fees and other commissions be?

Look for an attorney that is flexible when it comes to the fee structure. Most lawyers are alright with you making a final payment after they have been successful in ensuring that you get the settlement amount you were after. You do not want to be left stranded because of payment and fee-related issues in the middle of your case. This is why you need to work out these issues at the outset. 

The Bottom Line

Some of the best attorneys are always particular about being contacted in a specific way. Make sure you are clearing this before you start working with them. Hiring the above-mentioned seven questions can help you with selecting the best truck accident attorney for your case. 

While this is not something that will end up guaranteeing complete success, it will nevertheless ensure that you're heading in the right direction. The best attorneys do not offer excellent legal support, but they are also empathetic and credible moral pillars that can help you emotionally.

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