printed rib knit Knits are a cozy and comfortable material for anyone wanting to relax and unwind. What most people don't realize, however, is that there are several different types of knit fabric.

In order to know what the best knit fabrics will be for your wardrobe or for your projects, you'll want to understand the characteristics of each knit fabric. If you're ready to learn more, join us as we explore the different types of knit fabrics.

Jersey Knit Fabric

When most people talk about knit fabric, they are referring to jersey. Jersey is a fabric that uses both knit and purl stitch on the same needle.

Jersey is most commonly used in fabrics for a t-shirt. That's because it's a soft material but is easy to drape.

  • Rayon
  • Polyester
  • Hemp
  • Cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Wool
  • Modal
  • Tencel

With all these options it's no wonder people enjoy jersey knit fabric!

Rib Knit Fabric

Another common type of knit fabric is rib knit fabric. This fabric has raised, textured, vertical lines that go down the textile.

Rib knit fabric tends to be stretchy and to lie flat on one side. This makes it ideal for use on sweaters, necklines, and even rugs and home furnishings.

You can get rib knit in many different varieties, such as printed rib knit or multi-colored rib knit fabric. Either way, rib knit makes for a unique and versatile fabric choice.

Interlock Knit Fabric

Similar to rib knit fabric, interlock knit is a way of creating unique patterns on a garment. Interlock fabrics look sort of like two single lines of knitting were piled on top of one another.

Interlock knit is the perfect fabric to use for creating tank tops, skirts, and pants. Plus, it can be made in any fiber, making it a highly versatile fabric for your clothing.

French Terry Knit Fabric

Another type of knit fabric is french terry. This type of fabric uses soft piles on one side of the garment and a smooth and sleek surface on the reverse of the fabric.

French terry is a knit fabric that's very lightweight and that absorbs moisture fairly easily. Because of this, it's a fabric that you can wear at just about any time of year.

Fleece Knit Fabric

Fleece knit is a warm and stretchy fabric that has a deep pile. The fabric dries very quickly, which is why it's often used in athletic clothing.

Once again, fleece fabric can come in a wide range of different textures. Most often, you'll find fleece knits made out of cotton or wool to get that fluffy texture you're looking for.

Pick the Perfect Type of Knit Fabric

With this handy guide, you know all about the best types of knit fabric. And, you'll be ready to select the right knit for your next sewing project or clothing purchase!

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