women sandalsBeach destinations, particularly Florida and Mexico, are top of the travel list for Americans this year. Long stretches of sandy coastline, sparkling seawater, laidback atmosphere, and perpetual sunshine — what's not to love about a beach vacation?

If you're heading to the coast on your next trip, there are some essential items you simply cannot leave off of your packing list. Check out these four beach vacation clothes items you'll want to take with you.

1. Swimwear

This should always be the first and most important item on your beach vacation clothes packing list. After all, what's a beach day without tanning and swimming. Neither of which can be done without swimwear.

The amount of swimwear you pack is a personal preference. However, it is always a nice idea to have at least one bikini and one gorgeous one-piece. Those one-pieces come in handy when doing watersports. You won't need to worry about holding onto your bikini top while surfing or tubing.

2. Sandals

It's not all about the clothes, you need to consider your shoe options, too! There's one type of shoe you simply cannot do without on a beach vacation — sandals.

With so many awesome types of women sandals, you can pack a few different ones. That way you'll always have a comfy open-toed shoe for any occasion. Day on the beach? Sandals. Lunch at a beachside restaurant? Sandals. You get the point...

3. Beach Coverup

A coverup is an essential beach vacation clothing item as it's so versatile and you'll use it every day. Depending on where you go on vacation, you're likely to be in an area with plenty of beachside bars, restaurants, and boutiques. You'll happily spend the day going back and forth between lounging on the beach and perusing these beachfront establishments.

Most places don't allow you to enter with only a swimsuit on. You may get away with it at some bars, but better to be safe rather than sorry. A beautiful beach coverup is the ideal solution.     

4. A Light Blouse

Beach vacations are all perpetual sunshine and balmy evenings, right? Well...most of the time. But many seaside regions get breezy and cool in the evening when the sun dips below the horizon. You won't need heavy jackets or thick sweaters, but a light blouse or cardigan will do wonders.

It's cool enough to allow airflow on those humid nights, but when the chilly gusts start blowing you'll be happy and comfortable.

Get to Packing Your Beach Vacation Clothes

Once these essential beach vacation clothes are packed then the only thing left to bring with you is good vibes and vacation spirit! You're sure to have the best time while looking and feeling your best.

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