As a child I was someone who was always fascinated by mountains, snow, flower valleys and always dreamt of visiting such places. After completing my career and saving up quite a bit for myself, I gifted myself a trekking trip to the most stunning Hampta Pass trek. I was quite excited to go on this solo trip to the Hampta Pass situated in the laps of himalayas and greenery surrounding it. I watched travel blogs and guides to know more about this place and follow my own safety rules  since it was a solo trip. A friend with common interest introduced me to the Thrillophilia website, where after being convinced by the Thrillophilia reviews I booked the trek with them. I will pen down my thoughts, my experiences about my trek to this mesmerizing place.

What I Liked About the Hampta Pass Trek

The Forest ranges

I found the oak and maple forests from Manali to Jobra  extremely pretty and took some leisure time strolling in the forests and wild flower meadows. I clicked many memories at these wonderful picturesque locations that I will always cherish.

Kullu and Lahaul valley 

The stunning green views of Lahaul and Kullu valley full of tiny pink and yellow flowers shining like stars in the green sky meadows was impressive. I captured numerous pictures in these striking places that I will always preserve in my good memories. 

The Campsite areas

Spending those nights in the campsites under the starry skies, brooks, and lovely green valleys was a wonderful experience. I felt the real peace and gush of happiness within me seeing those lovely sunset views and scenery around me. 

My Hampta Pass Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Start from Jobra

I reached Manali by bus and proceeded to Jobra campsite which is the starting point located at a height of 9379 ft. It was a total 2 hour journey and this journey has 42 hairpins and serene views of kullu valley, maple trees, streams and many more. 

Day 2: Jobra to Jwara campsite 

It took me a total of 5 hours to reach Jwara campsite at 11,194ft which was an easy walk to Chika then to cross some mountain steeps to reach the campsite. I took some time off to bathe in the cold waters of Rani nallah and enjoy the views of the Dhauladhar range. 

Day 3: Jwara to Balu ka ghera campsite

Since I had to proceed to a height of 12,411ft and the journey was full of rocky mountains, I had to be a bit slow to perform the task with ease. It took me a total of 6 hours to complete the journey and in between that i took breaks in the stream sides, colourful meadows covered with tiny pink, yellow and vibrant blue poppy flowers. 

Day 4-5: Balu ka ghera to Hampta pass peak. 

After reaching the Balu ka ghera, from the next day onwards I proceeded to the Hampta pass which was located at an altitude of 14,065ft. Here the journey was a bit difficult due to the steepness of the rocky paths and I took some leisure time near the riverside full of tiny pink and yellow flowers. After reaching the height it was an amazing sense of achievement and fulfilment of a desire for me.

Important Information:


Difficulty level: Difficult 

Duration: 5 days journey 

Best Time: June to September

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