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People’s love for social media is known to all. The increasing dwell time of the leading social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook speaks for itself.

The purpose of your website could be any, it could be an ecommerce store, latest news, or travel blogs, or it could be a purely entertaining one. Either way, every website owner has one fear, declining dwell time and decreasing engagement. 

When you embed social media feeds on website, you can lose all this fear as these feeds enable visitors to stay longer on your website and engage with its content. 

Allow us to give you four smart reasons to add social media feeds to your website that would make you want to try it out immediately.

Smart Reasons To Add Social Media Feeds To Your Website

Bridges The Digital & Social Gap

When you embed your social feed on your website, you merge your social presence with your digital presence. By doing so, you put in minimum effort and get maximum results. 

Each time you post something on your social media platform, it automatically updates the social feed embedded on your website, giving your website a refreshed look and providing something new to the visitors each time they visit. 

Boost Sales On Website

Social feeds can be very beneficial for ecommerce stores, especially when you embed user-generated content on your website. Looking for product reviews and experiences is a common consumer behavior before making any purchase decisions.

The UGC feed embedded on your website will work as a trust-building factor for your website visitors, giving them what they are looking for right when they need it. You help your website visitors make easy purchase decisions with the authenticity you bring to your ecommerce website. 

Moreover, you can also embed user-generated social feeds for each product on each product's page. It acts as a trust factor for the visitors and gives a positive direction to the conversion rates, increasing your sales and ensuring online business growth.

Overcome Website Bounce Rates

People enjoy scrolling through social media content because of the uniqueness and freshness of its quality.

Not just that, the social media feeds are live and update in real-time, giving something new to the website visitors each time they visit your website, ensuring multiple visits by them.

Besides, the biggest fear of every website owner has to be the increasing bounce rates, where users visit the website and leave without any actions. Social media feeds demand the website visitors' attention and allow visitors to explore your social media content, like, comment, and share it with their followers while staying on the website, increasing your website's dwell time.

Make Your Website More Attractive

People love visuals. They almost feed on them on an everyday basis. In that case, when you embed a visual social media feed on your website using vibrant and aesthetic content, you give something to your website visitors to hook upon.

The captivating social media feed will give a pleasant and refreshing look to your website. You can choose content from the most visually appealing social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, known for the lively content they offer to their users. This content will manage to capture the visitor's attention as they already identify it as the most alluring one.

The sparkling social media feeds will improve your website's presentation, giving a memorable experience to the visitors, encouraging them to visit again.

Bonus Reason: A Social Feed Equipped With UGC

User-generated content comes with endless benefits. Trends play a vital role on social media. When maximum people talk or create content on a topic, it becomes a trend. Your brand can become a trend too.

When you collect your customer's posts, reviews, tweets, or stories and embed them uniquely and attractively on your website, it encourages your website visitors and other customers to talk about you and post for your brand. It increases your online visibility and social presence. 

You get a huge amount of high-quality UGC that you can embed on your website. Besides, if you are an ecommerce store, then it is a win-win situation for you. The UGC works as a trust-building factor for your brand and manifests brand loyalty.

Over To You

You can walk on endless marketing steps to upscale your website's performance, but embedding your social feed on your website has to be the ultimate marketing strategy. The reasons we mentioned above are smart enough to prove this.

So, while you are at it, why not incorporate a social media feed on your website to witness the growth?

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