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From the year 2000, theprevalence of severe obesity has doubled to 9.2%, with no signs of this trend abating any time soon.

Ordinary people are now looking towards taking control of their health. Health professionals, such as Dr. Shelton, Zenith Labs, have taken their teachings online to enable people to live healthier lives.

Here are the information, what you can learn by adding Dr. Shelton to your YouTube feed.

1.An Alternative to Popping Pills

Big pharma has had American healthcare in its clutches for decades. Dr. Shelton shows his viewers how there is an alternative to the culture of prescription pills. He’s demonstrating that you have everything you need right here at home to achieve better health.

As a natural health expert, Dr. Shelton believes in a symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. By leveraging this connection, you can achieve superior health.

2.Understanding the Truth Behind the Fads

Everyone who follows health channels and forums is aware of how quickly fads and trends can take hold. Dr. Shelton seeks to educate his viewers by cutting through the lies and revealing the truth about the fads and trends gripping the nation right now.

One of his most recent videos discusses coconut water and whether it really is healthy for the body.

3.Breaking Down Barriers to Health

Healthy eating is the core of a better mind and a better body. Unfortunately, research has shown there are significant barriers to healthy eating, including time, cost, and a lack of education.

In his recipe videos, Dr. Shelton harnesses the power of superfoods to help you break down these barriers. His recommendations can all be made at minimal cost in a matter of minutes. From detox teas to breakfast smoothies, you can learn it all with Zenith Labs.

4.Lifestyle Improvements

Dr. Shelton believes that you can only achieve greater health by taking care of every aspect of your life. This includes body, health, and living environment.

From air-purifying plants at home to getting better, higher quality sleep, Dr. Shelton offers tips on how you can overcome some of the most common challenges to a stable, healthy lifestyle.

5.Cutting-Edge Science

Ultimately, everything Dr. Shelton says is based on a solid scientific understanding of why things are how they are. Each video is laden with complex science explained in a simplified manner. Even if you’re not a science nerd, Dr. Shelton explains matters in a way the average person can understand.

Some of the scientific research topics include heavy metal toxicity, the risks and benefits of vegan diets, and CBD’s impact on liver health.

If you’re looking for someone who shows rather than tells, the Zenith Labs YouTube channel is for you.

Final Thoughts

If you are viewing to broaden your horizons and sharpen your mind, look no further than Dr. Ryan Shelton of Zenith Labs. His YouTube channel is essential reading for anyone who is looking to become the best version of themselves.

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