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Have you decided to launch your new software application? 

Before you do, you want to consider software testing. This means that you test the software for any inadequacies that may need to be addressed.

So how do you make sure your software undergoes the right software testing? You have to find the best software testing tools that offer Quality Assurance (QA) testing for your applications.

Here are the software testing tools that we recommend.

1. Quality Logic

This is a service that works to understand the needs of your software. You'll have to build a demo of your software and state its intended goals. Afterward, you should reach out to Quality Logic to see what they offer you.

With this service, you can schedule a consultation to discuss the scope of your software application. Then you can use the service to run a QA test on your software.

You'll be notified of any bugs that are slowing down the app or causing it to malfunction.

You'll also get notified of any glitches that prevent the app from working. With this service, you'll get a detailed report of what needs to get fixed before you launch your software application.

If you're looking to make a lucrative income from your software, then this is the service to use. Without QA testing, you can't be sure that your app will work well. If there are even minor bugs, you might lose potential users for life!

As such, make sure you take advantage of Quality Logic's customer support. They'll help you understand what you need to do to improve your software application before launch.

You should visit Qualitylogic.com to see the full details of why this is the best software testing service available.

2. Testim

This is a simple software testing tool that records a user's actions on your software to run a QA test. 

Among the features that the Testim service offers are:

  1. Rearrange your methods
  2. Create groups
  3. Create new functions
  4. Create loops and conditions

You can view the results of QA tests within Testim's dashboard. You'll have a dedicated user account where you can keep track of your app's status.

What's great about Testim is that it's currently free for 1,000 tests. Afterward, you'll have to request a quote on how much you'll have to pay for more runs.

This makes Testim an ideal option for smaller businesses or freelance software developers. You might want to consider using this service first before you pay for another service.

3. SauceLabs

If your focus is on creating mobile apps, then you'll love the service that SauceLabs offers. Many major brands such as Visa and Walmart use SauceLabs to test their software.

This is a cloud-based service that also offers high-end security. It's great if you don't want others to view your software unless it's ready to launch.

It's also integrated with many other tools you may use for your business. These include Slack, Visual Studio, Circle CI, Jenkins, and Bamboo.

It comes with a 14-days free trial and starts at $19 per month. If you want to launch the next great mobile app, then you want to run it by SauceLabs first.

4. QAProSoft

This is the best option out of the open-source software testing tools available. 

QAProSoft works best for testing software intended for automation. One does need to know programming to work with QAProSoft. 

This is a great option for more complex and advanced software. If you want to create an alternative to Automator or Windows Assistant, this might be the best software testing tool for you.

5. MicroFocus

This is a great software testing tool if you're creating a web-based application. If your software requires user accounts and you wish to test user experience, this is the tool to use.

It's able to simulate a typical user experience for you to test your software. You'll know whether your software is ready to let customers in!

It also has many great security features such as anti-virus protection, firewalls, and web filtering. This is the ideal software if you run a large business that offers enterprise software or SaaS.

It costs $3,200 per year but also comes with a free trial. This is the best software testing tool to graduate to as your company scales.

6. Kobiton

With this service, you can test your software on the cloud. You can connect your mobile devices to this cloud and test your software while using it.

It's especially great if you're creating an app for an iOS device. You can view the iOS interface via Kobiton and then test out the application. If you're looking to launch your software on the App Store, then this is the best software available.

It starts at $40 per month and also comes with a free trial. This is a great option if you manage a team of iOS developers.

7. Kualitee

This software testing tool not only tests your application but also keeps track of each test. This way, you will be able to see the results of each test and compare results.

It offers one platform for preparing a test and then executing it. You can also look for bugs and glitches and improve them within the tool.

You can also reuse your test cases within different software projects you work on. If you run a business that creates several software projects at once, this is the ideal tool for QA testing.

Kualitee has a 15-day free trial. Afterward, the cost is $7 per month. Make sure you consider Kualitee as your company scales and you offer more software products.

Choose Your Software Testing Tool

Now you can choose the right software testing tool for your needs. From this guide, you've seen that there are different types of testing tools depending on your software's needs.

Make sure you use a free trial option first before committing to a software testing tool. You want to choose a service that offers the most features that you'll need to create the best application.

Please share this guide with your fellow software developers. You can find more tech content on our website!

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