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The skincare industry’s growth has skyrocketed since the beginning. This 2021, it still continued to thrive despite the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, more and more people are getting into skincare because of the self-care pandemic trend. However, it is not as simple as most skincare routines we once knew, and we will tell you why. 

Most beauty companies and beauty retailers have already adjusted to the new trends, but as you know, some of these trends come and go, and keeping an eye out for future trends can help your business succeed even more. Now that we are nearly approaching the post-pandemic period, we will provide you with the top trends to expect this year. Check them out!

1. Bare Beauty

The makeup sector has plummeted since the pandemic began, only because women do not see the need for it during home quarantine. However, it became a realization that having naturally glowing and healthy skin is not something makeup can beat, which is why more people will go towards skincare until the post-pandemic period. Going bare-faced is not something most women can do, especially in a massive crowd, but a shift from heavy makeup styles to a natural, bare-faced beauty this year might be seen, as some of which are already evident.

2. Natural, clean, and eco-friendly beauty

Natural products were already becoming significant in the beauty world, but more people might prioritize these types of products this year. Considering this generation, most people want to support brands and products that advocate for the greater good. In addition to that, numerous beauty companies are already doing their ways to reduce waste and move towards an eco-friendly company. 

When it comes to natural products, there’s no denying that Korean cosmetics are leading. So if you are a small beauty retailer, you might want to start looking for wholesale Korean skincare sites that can provide you authentic Korean skincare products at excellent prices. Even if the prediction is wrong, you will not incur losses since many people are already into K-beauty products.

3. Utilization of good bacteria for the skin

Probiotics are not new to the skincare industry. However, it has not yet boomed as most beauty labs expected it to. But with the rising trend for a minimalistic skincare approach, probiotic-infused skincare products might be prominent this year. It also works perfectly with the natural, clean, and eco-friendly movement that might happen soon.

Experts have been emphasizing the benefits of probiotics for our skin, especially for damaged and troubled skin. Probiotics are also beneficial for people with severe skin conditions like eczema. With all the harsh products that contain harmful and toxic ingredients in the market, this trend might be considered a detox for the skin in the coming months. 

4. Stress-free skin

Stress is one of the main culprits in having unhealthy skin, and de-stressing our skin is one way to keep it at its best state. Unfortunately, many people were highly stressed due to the pandemic, but as the world slowly recovers, getting rid of stress might be one of these people’s priorities. With this, people are seen to go for products that can provide relaxation to their skin, like mask sheets, serums, and creams.

5. Body care will dominate

Maybe some of us have done everything we can for our faces, which is why the body, in its entirety, might be the star for skincare. Body scrubs, exfoliators, and healthy oils for our bodies can go big this year. This time, our bodies might get the same exceptional treatment we did to our faces, but better. We can quickly address issues like pigmentation, roughness, and dryness as various beauty companies have already formulated products for these skin issues. 

Final Thoughts

This 2021, we are expecting to face some of the most exciting trends we might have seen for a while. Even though the skincare industry experienced a minor hiccup throughout the pandemic, it can quickly bounce back now that more people are into it. Keep an eye out for these upcoming trends, as it is highly likely to happen this year. And if it does not, the beauty industry is still headed in the right direction, as we can somehow see a brighter future for the clean and eco-friendly beauty industry. 

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