Vitamin B

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is the repetitive inability to maintain erection essential for a fulfilling physical intercourse. Nearly2/5 of Australian men suffer from this condition. A healthy erection results from a combined effort involving the brain, nervous system, circulatory system, emotions and hormones. Thus an erectile dysfunction can result due to an issue in any of the above systems. Erectile dysfunction has a range of causes, and the condition prevails from the span of mild attacks impacting the sufferer to a complete erectile dysfunction.

Remedies and Treatments

In order to solve the issue of erectile dysfunction; Physical devices like ring and vacuum pumps are used. These help erection to sustain till the end of the physical act. A testosterone therapy to increase the hormonal count in the body is also done as per the doctors’ advice. In extreme cases surgeries and implants are also performed to curb the issue.

Oral medication is one of the most widely accepted forms of quick relief from the issue.Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Avanafil are the widely prescribed, easily accessible PDE-5 medication used for ED. Cialis oral jelly 20mg is a non-generic version of the Tadalafil ingredient which is present in the more commonly usedCialis. As it has the same core ingredient, it functions just like Cialis, but is in the form of a jelly. They help the penis muscles to relax and vessels to expand so that the blood flows in ample quantity and a healthy erection results.

These medicines are available through the world along with Australia. They can even be bought virtually. In Australia you can buy generic versions of these medicines with ease. Click this, and get connected to purchase authentic medicines in Australia.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex is an umbrella term under which a cluster of different varieties of vitamin B fall. All of these vitamins are vital for the processing and functioning of the body. Each vitamin primarily provides strength and rejuvenation to different vital organs and processes of the body. They nourish both the interior and the exterior outlook of human body.

The different elements present in the vitamin b complex target the systems which are responsible for a healthy erection in the human body. These include the nervous system, blood circulation system, good mental health along with strength and energy. Therefore a lack of any element may result in erectile dysfunction.

Thus indirectly a proper and balanced intake of all the vitals of vitamin B can result in preventing erectile dysfunction in men.

Elements Of Vitamin B Complex And Their Sources

The eight elements of Vitamin B complex with their sources from where a healthy intake is possible are listed below:

  • B1- Nuts, grains, cereals, lentils
  • B2- Oatmeal, dairy products, almonds, specific meat items
  • B3- All the items falling in the protein category, some specific nuts and grains are a high source of B3.
  • B5- Avocado fruit, liver (cow), specific types of mushroom
  • B6- Specific items of protein, chickpeas, potatoes, salmon
  • B7- Protein items and eggs
  • B9- Green leave vegetables, certain fruits specifically orange and papaya, nuts, liver (cow)
  • B12- Protein and dairy items are a rich source of B12.

The aforementioned list provides natural sources of vitamin B. Though at times in order to fulfill the deficiency, supplements and shots are provided to the patient, keeping in view their particular need.

The separate elements present under the vitamin B complex all have distinct functions and are beneficial to the human body, yet they also depend on each other for betterperformance and effective absorption of energy.

So keep your vitamin B in check for a healthy life and erection.

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