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Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting and emotional affair for dog lovers. On the one hand, there is the thrill to begin your adorable relationship with the new pet. When you are concerned about preparing for a new dog, some must-have dog accessories can help alleviate your apprehensions. Here is a list of seven essential products that can help you with your dog ownership without causing stress.  

1. A comfortable Dog Collar

A collar is a must for pet dogs. If you plan to bring a dog from a breeder or a rescue, they may provide you a collar. But it is always safer to throw away all such gears and give your new dog a good bath before they enter your home.

Before you search for a suitable dog collar, measure your dog’s neck size with measuring tape. Buying a collar with a quick-release clasp and a solid D-ring brings additional convenience while controlling your pup. It would also help if you could obtain a dog collar with extra loops, handy for attaching dog tags. You can order a funky and customized collar as well, one which has your new dog’s name carved on it.   

2. Appropriate Dog Clothes

Your furry friend needs suitable clothing to be comfortable, especially if you live in colder climates. When you are going to Shop Pet Clothes for your dogs, consider their breed, size, and temperature in your place.

Smaller dogs will find it harder to retain their body heat in extremely cold temperatures. Therefore, they may require a coat or sweater, more so when you are taking them out. If the weather is moderate, but the breed belongs to a warmer climate, you may still need warm clothing. Besides coats, buy lighter clothes indoors, as dogs don’t feel comfortable in thick clothing when they are in the house. Always remove unnecessary clothing from your dog, as it may lead to skin irritation and chafing.

3. A Spacious Dog Crate

A pup resting comfortably in a crate is a huge relief for pet parents doing critical duties at home and not wanting to be disturbed. When purchasing a crate, choose one with a divider panel and multiple doors. A firm and flexible plastic frame also increases its movability.

However, do note that you shouldn’t leave your dogs in crates for more than 7-8 hours. Pooches aging less than six months can tolerate up to 5 hours of crate time at a go. Leaving your puppies in crates for longer durations may harm them physically and mentally.

4. An Airtight Food Container
You need to feed your dogs proper nutritional food to keep them healthy. But often, dogs develop gut-related issues even when their owners provide the best supplements. In most cases, preserving dog food is the issue. When you open a pack of dog food and use a portion of it, you need to store the rest in a hygienic airtight container. Keeping the packaging in the open can let bugs and mice enter into them, thereby poisoning the whole supply.

When you buy a pup, get yourself one of these containers made of BPA-free, heavy-duty, food-grade steel or plastic. Most of these containers have airtight lids, which means that the food’s odor will remain intact over a long period.  

5. A Set Of Food Bowls And Food Mat

Your new fur kid will take time to learn dining manners. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a washable food mat to reduce dinnertime mess. Choose a mat that has a rugged surface and raised borders to keep the spills in check.

For feeding your new pups, go with stainless steel water and food bowls having around 5-6 cup capacity. These utensils are perfect for medium and large dog breeds, and they are easy to wash too.  

6. A Lengthy Leash

If you are one of the people who like to take their dogs out regularly, then a sturdy leash is going to be crucial for you. A proper leash is 5-6 feet long, has cotton or nylon lead, and is comfortable for you to hold. You can buy a retractable leash if you want to allow your dog some extra yards or just wish to have some fun. If budget is not an issue, you can obtain a leash with double handles and reflective stitching to add to your convenience while you are roaming at night.

7. Toys

Like human babies, fur kids often become quite restless, especially when they are adjusting to a new household. Get them some toys to play with so that they create less fuss, particularly at bedtime. Select eye-catchy toys like colorful rubber figures, balls, rope tugs, and Nylabone.

If you are gifting your little dog a doll, make sure it is unibody and is made of rubber. Dogs are surprisingly aggressive if they find something chewable or easy to rip out. You can begin with the famous Kong toys that come with rubber material.  

Final Words
New dogs will take little time to become your bosom buddy if you take proper care of them from the beginning. The items mentioned above can help you do so easily and inexpensively.

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