Breast Implants

Breast augmentations are procedures that have been performed as far back at the 1890s. In 1895 a surgeon called Vincenz Czery published an account of the very first breast surgery in which he moved a fatty lump from the patient back into her breast. Many different attempts to perform breast enlargements were performed throughout the first half of the 20th century, including using unusual materials like ivory, various oils, sponges, and liquid silicone,

Thankfully since this there have been many advancements in technology and available resources. Since the 1960s, when the first silicone breast implant surgery took place, implants themselves have been adapted and made safer. Saline implants were also introduced, these tended to look and feel more natural than the silicone counterparts and could also be inserted in a less invasive procedure.

In 1992, the image of Pamela Anderson jogging down the beach in Baywatch was the start of the “bigger is better” trend. So many women wanted to be just like her in that red swimsuit which left a lasting impression on Summer styles for years to come. She could even be described as the original influencer.  

2002 brought about a massive change, in that plastic surgery became more of a spectator sport. With programmes such as Extreme makeover and botched coming to our screens. IN this year, 249,641 women got implants in the US, that’s 147% more than the year before.

In 2017 there was a big shift in trends about shape and proportion, women became more concerned about their implants looking more natural, rather than just focusing purely on size. Being able to enhance your looking while still saying natural is a massive improvement on surgeries from the previous 30 years.

An ever-evolving surgery means that implants and the techniques used will be updated and improved upon for years to come. In 2021 the surgery is becoming less and less invasive and there are currently trails in Costa Rica for inserting the implants though a small incision. And in Santa Monica you may soon be able to have the procedure without general anaesthetic, meant the recovery will be even quicker.

These can only be good things, with removing the taboo around surgery and introducing it into the world as something readily available, there will less and less back room procedures and therefor less and less risk.  

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