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Are you an avid beer drinker and like to try out a premium version of this variety, and it is craft beer? Obviously, you must have good taste. Hence, do not hesitate in trying out craft beer since you have all reasons to try this out. Let us unfold some important reasons shared by Melvin Brewing why you must drink craft beer.

1. Contains More Alcohol

Most of the craft beers may offer you a higher volume of alcohol (5 - 10 percent) however some also offer 20%. Sadly, beers from the macro breweries seldom provide you over 2.5%. For this reason, they are called mass formed ‘beer water’. Thus, you will require lesser pints of craft beer at every drinking session.

2. Taste

The reason why craft beer drinkers can spend additional money on this rather than having a regular beer is due to the flavor, taste, options, and alcohol concentration. So, the amazing outcome of the perfectly tuned ingredients & luscious taste offers it priority over other varieties of beers.

3. Higher Variety

Craft beer offers you higher choices than common larger beers that are sold by the major brewers. In many countries, there are many quality craft beers with each craft brewery to create the unique mix of ingredients that will give you the beer you may talk about. Actually, the current competition & customer survey made the list of best craft beers you must try out first.

4. Food & beer pairings

Pairing your beer with food actually has become an important trend in this craft beer industry & food industry. Learning the beer’s profile & pairing the craft beer with flavors will enhance & ameliorate the meal.

5. Sustainable Brewing

The majority of the craft brewers have an environmental streak in it. They try and sustainably ply the craft. Right from composting to offering spent grain to the farmers; using practices and equipment that take very fewer resources for using the alternative energy sources, the breweries have got more in mind than the money they will make. Even you are part of it. Each time you take the reusable growler and fill the keg locally you’re helping to reduce energy usage & waste.

6. Have Better Ingredients

Even though beer is made from hops, water, grains, and yeast, local breweries make sure they use quality ingredients for making the quality beer. The visit to the nearest craft brewery can reveal they use organically grown and quality ingredients. Actually, all craft breweries are ready to allow you to see & handle ingredients that they use.

7. Health benefits

The researchers have actually found that craft beer has several health benefits, and many people believe that craft beer has more nutrients than red wine. Craft beer has vitamin B3, fiber, antioxidants, and a higher source of silicon (a mineral that is necessary to clear skin, strong bones, as well as flexible joints).

8. Much Better Ingredients

An average beer takes 4 ingredients: grains, water, yeast, and hops. It is not rocket science. However odds are the local brewery makes use of quality, fresher, and locally-grown, and organic ingredients.

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