4Cs of diamonds
No matter whom you ask, anyone who starts finding the “right” engagement ring has to go through a daunting experience. While there are plenty of considerations to think about when you start planning your wedding proposal, one thing that should never be out of the list is the engagement ring. You should take a momentous purchase seriously since it symbolises the decision you made for your relationship.

Going through a few engagement rings shouldn’t be so hard. However, most people tend to have a difficult time when it comes to this task. There are many factors to consider, and it would certainly not be fun if your fiancĂ© did not like the one you picked out. To ensure that you choose the perfect engagement ring that will get the “yes,” here are the tips that might help you out.

Tips for Engagement Ring Shopping

1. Work within your budget

It is not to say you should purchase the cheapest one you can find. However, it is still possible not to spend too much and get a ring that looks elegant and worth your money. Vintage and second-hand engagement rings are great options these days since some people would rather have smaller, more practical rings.
2. Get the correct measurements.

Getting your ring lost could start a huge fight, so you may want to make sure that you and your partner’s ring size measurements are accurate. You can also turn to their best friends for information.
3. Go for timeless, not the trend.

The more unique a ring is, the better investment it would be. Yes, it helps when you also think about the ring as an heirloom that you can pass on to generations after you. Timeless engagement rings can be more challenging to find with all the contemporary styles in the market. However, it is worth the money because you can be sure that its design will last forever.
4. Pick the best stone

Diamonds are classic pieces, but that doesn’t mean you cannot explore other options. Understanding the 4Cs of diamonds is one thing, but knowing what stone would appeal most to your partner is another. Think about sapphires, emerald, rubies, or other colourful gemstones (like birthstones) that may represent the two of you.
5. The setting matters

Investing more in the stone doesn’t mean you should overlook the ring’s setting. If you opt for a platinum setting now and your partner fancies a rose gold band, later on, you have to make sure that you can easily change it.
6. Your partner’s wants and needs

Hands differ as much as rings do, so the wisest thing to do is tailor the engagement ring to your partner’s wants and needs. Think about the following questions: What will look best on her finger, and what will she think of it? Does she work with her hands, and will she stress over damaging or losing the ring? Is the ring up to her taste, and will it be her pride and joy as much as you are her pride and joy?

When it comes to engagement rings, it is all about the feel. Look for the ring that will catch your attention the most. Trust in your decision-making capabilities because this will show how much you know your future wife. If you feel like you’ve already found the perfect ring for her, she will appreciate you more because of that decision alone.

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