Healthy Bones

I completely understand how a patient feels when he/she suffers from weak bone disorders. When people do not focus on their bone health, they often suffer from bone issues and go under surgery when they get old. Between the ages of 25 to 30, people reach their peak bone mass. After the age of 40, people begin to experience losing bone mass.

According to the WHO, the normal bone density is the A T –score of -1.0 or above.

Do You Want To Know If Your Bones Are Weak?

Here, find the symptoms:

  • Brittle fingernails
  • Nail strength
  • Weaker grip strength
  • Muscle Tissue Pain

People also have no idea about the weak bone formation. Let’s Check-Out Some Symptoms:

  • Hormone levels
  • Medications
  • Eating disorders
  • Inherited diseases
  • Age
  • Size
  • Smoking
  • Physical Activity

Of course, no one wants to go under surgery or to say bye to sports at any period of life. This is the reason we have brought some natural ways to prevent bone issues.

Proven Ways to Build Bones

Get Enough Proteins

For healthy bones, it is necessary to maintain your diet. Studies show that 50% of bones are made of proteins. Decreasing calcium absorption is caused by the low protein diet and results in bone breakdown.

As one of the best Orthopedic Doctors in Lahore suggests that every person should intake up to 100 protein grams. A person who takes the high protein diet at an early age, he/she has a better bone density later in life.

Intake of protein-rich foods also helps to preserve the bone mass if you are losing weight. A nutritionist helps people make a diet plan and let them lose or gain weight without decreasing bone mass.
Vegetables – Increase Body Mineral Density

Orthopedic surgeons suggest vegetables as it is a great source to build healthy bones naturally. Vegetables intake is an alternative to the medications which you can take in old age. Vitamin C stimulates bone-forming cell production. Bone mineral density is also crucial for one density, and we can say that vegetables help to fulfill this requirement too. Bone-protective antioxidants reduce the risk of bone turnover.

Studies show that onion consumption at old age can minimize the risks of osteoporosis.

Engage Yourself in Specific Exercises

Many orthopedic surgeons have the same opinion that every person should involve in specific types of exercises. Weight-bearing exercise promotes bone-formation. Studies reveal multiple facts about such exercise, including it helps to prevent bone loss in adulthood.

Weight-bearing exercises work as an anti-inflammatory medication and help older women or men to increase the mineral density strength of the bone.

Keep Healthy Weight

Osteopenia and osteoporosis are diseases that often occur due to low body weight. A healthy nutritionist diet can help you to manage a weight that fits your height and body structure. Studies reveal that underweight is the reason for reducing bone density.

Some other surveys also show that being overweight can also bring bone issues. It can decrease the bone quality and increase the chances of bone fracture. Gaining or losing weight can affect your bone health. So it is crucial to get an appointment and ask the nutritionist how to protect bones by keeping the normal weight.
Say No to Low-Calorie Diet

Planning on dropping the calories?

Many surveys have revealed that diets with fewer than 1000 calories can result in damaging bone Health with low-density. A person must intake the food with 1200 calories.

The Bottom Line

Many people can’t realize the actual physical issue and go to another doctor. I remember how an old woman visited the Venus Aesthetics for the inflammation issue but it was the bone fracture.

Overweight and underweight are also the common factors that increase the chances of bone fracture. If a person maintains the weight according to the size and height, it reduces the chances of low bone density. We all should focus on natural ways to build healthy bones because no one wants to suffer from severe bone or joints pain. According to the news, many people have been asked to say bye to the sports due to weak bones. You also should not want to experience bone disorders or see an orthopedic surgeon in your life ever, Right?

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