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The search engine optimization industry is steadily growing. According to Borrell Associates’ study, the SEO service providers’ industry was predicted to be worth 80 billion US dollars by 2020. With many businesses currently using SEO to ensure that they stay ahead of the competition, it’s no longer a question of whether you should use SEO but a matter of from whom you’ll acquire these services.  

Implementing SEO is not an easy task – finding an SEO company that you can trust with something as vital as your website is even more challenging. Are you worried about choosing an SEO company? Our article outlines some of the best SEO companies for small business in 2021 that your business can work with.

1. BizIQ

At BizIQ, we believe that no two businesses are the same, and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all SEO solution. For this reason, we focus on getting to understand you as the client, your business, your core values, your goals, and your customer base.

Our SEO services have a track record of generating immense growth for many small businesses across various industries. We are one of the highest-rated SEO service providers in the country. Our SEO best practices, rigorous, and extensive research and insights of ranking algorithms have proven to produce significant results that directly impact your business growth. Our services include;

Keyword Research: Our team performs thorough keyword research to help determine the keywords that will bring your business the biggest ROI and optimize your SEO campaign around these high-performing phrases.

Transparent Reporting: We provide transparent reporting tools to always keep you in the know of where you rank, how your keywords are performing, and when it’s time for you to re-evaluate your strategies.

Website Optimization:
We create user-friendly, mobile responsive, and fast loading websites and ensure that they are full of high-quality content. This will help improve your customers’ experience, attract new customers to your website, and ultimately drive conversions.

Evolving Optimization: SEO standards and best practices are constantly changing, and new competitors are always popping up. We ensure that you keep up with these changing standards by continually monitoring, optimizing, and re-evaluating your SEO campaigns. This way, you continue getting the results you want.

Our Pricing

We offer cost-effective SEO services to small businesses of all industries. Since the needs of different businesses vary, our pricing also varies from company to company. We are transparent about our pricing and offer SEO packages designed to fit your budget and exceed your expectations. Check out our SEO and digital marketing pricing information on our website.

2. Neil Patel Digital

Founded by marketers, the Neil Patel Digital team has garnered over five decades of hands-on marketing experience. Using only SEO-optimized content marketing, they have generated about 3.5 million organic search traffic. If your business is looking for an content marketing company, Neil Patel is your go-to option.

3. Voice SEO

Ranked #1 among the top 10 voice SEO companies by TopSEOs, Voice SEO, focuses on the customer base that opts to use spoken commands instead of keying in words to query search engines. As the use of voice search continually increases, it’s time to optimize your business’s website for voice search. With the global voice search market predicted to be worth 40 billion US dollars by 2020 and 20% of Google searches being done by voice, Voice SEO has positioned itself as the go-to SEO company for voice SEO.

4. Straight North

Founded in 1997, Straight North is a digital marketing company that specializes in SEO. With over 100 full-time employees, they help B2C and B2B businesses of all sizes increase their visibility and generate leads and sales in a highly competitive online space. They provide businesses with technical expertise, collaborative business styles, transparent reporting, team-based SEO campaign executions, and the ultimate focus on maximizing your business’s ROI.

5. Reach Local

Founded in 2004, Reach Local is the go-to SEO company for local SEO implementation. With over ten years in the local SEO sphere, they have generated over 201 million local leads and have a worldwide clientele of about 19,000. With offices in five continents, partnerships with Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook, and a 4.5/5-star rating from happy customers, Reach Local is your go-to local SEO company.  

6. Web FX

Established in 1996, Web FX is a performance-based digital marketing company that offers businesses SEO services designed to increase sales. With over 250 digital marketing experts, and partnerships with Facebook, Google, Salesforce, and Bing, Web FX offers your small business greater visibility.

7. Search Bloom

Formed in 2014, Search Bloom provides businesses worldwide with advanced search engine optimization and marketing strategies. Search Bloom specializes in e-commerce, local, and national SEO. They help clients build and maintain a reputation for being an SEO authority in their industry and increase sales and revenue.

8. OuterBox

Founded in 2004, OuterBox is a performance-based and SEO marketing company that focuses on e-commerce brands. They have served hundreds of customers across various e-commerce fields, such as NewAir, AtlasOil, UCFS, and JetDock. Using SEO and other website marketing methods, they develop effective digital marketing strategies to help businesses drive traffic, increase sales and leads to their websites.

Although it may take time before SEO results start to manifest in terms of increased website traffic, leads, sales, and new customers, it’s a worthwhile investment.  Finding a reliable and experienced SEO company is the first and best place to start your SEO journey.

Receive Professional Help with Your SEO Efforts

Here at BizIQ, we offer marketing packages and optimization solutions to make it easier for businesses like yours to take your SEO and digital marketing game to the next level. Our efforts will also enable you to attract more customers and boost your brand awareness.

Get in touch with us today, or call us on (888) 416-9800 and let us help you become a reputable brand and set your footprints in the business environment. If you need any SEO service please visit this Agency in Singapore.

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