Power Supply
Before jumping onto what a power supply is and its function let us tell you a brief background of the power cord it was invented by Thomas Edison in the 1800s. Most commonly used abbreviations for power supplies are PS P/S or PSU (power supply unit). It is the most significant portion of the computer and must function properly so the rest of the components can work.

In most layman words power supply is a hardware component that provides power to the electric device. Main function of power supply is that it converts the AC ( alternating current) current to DC ( direct current)  which is essential for the electric circuit because after that it converts into power that is required by the components of a computer such as a CD room motherboard etc. In simple terms it convert one kind of electricity to another. It also known as power brick or power adapter.

Power supply is at the back of the computer and the only visible part of the power supply is where the power cord plugs in the computer. On the front side of the power supply you will find multiple cables which are connected to the motherboard and other components of the computer but it will only be visible if you open up the computer. The most famous models of power supplies are corsair RM vs RMX due to their really amazing quality.
Functions of power supply

The function of the power supply unit in the computer is to provide current to various parts of the computer in the hardware case. Power supply converts the alternating current (AC)  into multiple direct current (DC) voltages and while converting these voltages it also makes sure that the voltage remains Is on acceptable amount and as a result computer runs smoothly and does not overheat.

Components of power supply

Following are the some components of power supply


This component is used for the movement of the electricity between two or more than two electrical circuits. Their part is to either step up or down the voltage.


It changes the AC components into DC components. The main rectifier is diodes and its function is to allow the current to flow in one direction not the other depending upon the commands of applied voltage.


It is basically used to remove the ripple component form appearing in the ratified output


They are used to pass the alternating current without passing the direct current so all and all in the power supply their main role is to deliver AC voltage to DC voltage.


Voltage regulators are used in order to maintain a steady level of DC output so that electronic circuits remain stable.


They are basically used to maintain check of the flow of current and to divide the voltage, reduce the current flow etc.

Kinds of power supply

Following are the three main kinds of power supply


Regulated power supply in the one that remains unchanged regardless of the load of current or input voltage its output will always be the same unaffected. They are a bit expensive and heavy as compared to unregulated power supply. If you are travelling in your SUV with power supply then make sure your car has a good tonneau covers. So, the power supply can be protected from rain and more.


They are one of the most basic types of power supply. It is the exact opposite of regulated power supply which means if the input voltage or current load varies as a result output voltage will also be changed.

Switching power supply

They are the most commonly used power supply. It is designed to take the advantage of both regulated and unregulated power supply. It works as it first converts AC into DC then again converts into AC at the same high switching frequency after that it is filtered into DC output.

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