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In a survey released in 2018, 81% of 1,000 women have experienced harassment and assault. More than 51% survived and undergone verbal harassment, while the remaining 27% concluded and survived sexual assault. Crimes often exist while walking on the street and can also happen in your own space. Due to the continuous cases of harassment in the community, people should think about how to protect themselves, and this article will teach you how.

One of the most effective ways is to enroll in karate classes seven hills to give you confidence in protecting yourself even more. Recent study revealed that people who have undergone karate classes in Seven Hills are fully–equipped to face strangers and handle situations once they feel unsafe.  Here are other important points you need to know:

1. Your car keys will save you. A powerful punch with a key in the middle of your closed fist while walking is one of the most ideal yet convenient types of defense. You can easily hammer strike to some vulnerable parts of the upper body like the neck and the face.

2. Point to the groin. As a defender, you can easily paralyze your opponent while pointing the groin even from behind. This will make you run and ask for help while hurting and running as far as you can.

3. Point Nose and Throat. The palm of your hand is a powerful tool for you to use. Pointing to the nose and throat and giving a forceful jab within the chin can make your offender feel sudden numbness and shortness of breathing.

4. Elbow punches. Your elbows are as powerful as your hands. Elbow strikes will mark an impact when it is being done on the neck. It leaves a lasting pain when you kick the groin.

5. Pepper Spray is a must. Nowadays, it is advisable and necessary for most women to avoid criminals and abusers. Spraying this to the eyes can cause temporary blindness that can serve as a distraction to get away with the one holding you.

Things You Need to Improve

Aside from these, you should be aware of your environment, especially while walking at night. Sometimes, perpetrators are waiting for the right timing to strike. Here are the tips for you to maintain your awareness:

• Body Language. If you are not walking straight-body with your chin, perpetrators may think that you can easily stumble. Be mindful of your environment, especially when walking alone, even when you are familiar with the place.

• Trust your instinct. Suppose you feel someone is watching or following you. In that case, go to a crowded place or near the existence patrollers or policemen. While you don’t want to cause any panic and feel that you are threatened by someone’s existence, especially if they are not perpetrators, always follow your guts.

• Take time to learn the basics. Your safety should be your greatest priority. You have to ensure that you are not just knowledgeable of the vulnerable points, but you can’t underestimate the benefits of proper training from karate classes seven hills. You can also bring friends with you.

Attending classes and reading will make you feel confident and safe.  Self-defense cannot be learned instantly, and it takes a lot of time to acquire. Remember that these things uphold your confidence and appreciation of your own body. At this point in time, you don’t know when or how harassment or assault will happen, and you must be prepared as well. Readiness is next to safety, after all.

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