For some of you, saying I Love You is much more convenient than expressing feelings through tokens. It is because, when it comes to gifting something to the love of your life; you tend to go clueless. Saying out loud that you love her is one of the best things you can do to her as a partner. But, occasionally, gifts seem to do the trick that words might not. Even if your anniversary is a few months away, it’s the love festival-the Valentine’s Day that is closing upon us. This time, you would need more than those three magical words to sway her heart away. Here’s the love approved gift list. The options are validated by none other than the cupid itself.

gifts for Valentine day

1. Smash and Reveal Heart: A sweet and interesting way to reveal the depths of your love to her. It’s a chocolate heart filled with goodies and messages. As she smashes it, she gets to taste and experience your love. As per your preference, you can customise this gift. You can hide some love notes with marshmallows, her favourite chocolates and candies. It could be the best gifts for Valentine day as it is romantic and cute in its own unique way.

2. Stackable Jewellery: Stackable rings and bracelets are in trend. Every girl seems to be loving the new fashion of wearing layered rings, bracelets and chains.  Jewellery is always your go to option as no woman ever said “No” to jewellery. Engraved stackable bracelets can be easily found. To make a love expression, you can get it engraved with the message of your choice or initials. The colour rose-gold in jewellery exudes the love and royalty vibes; therefore, it could be your preferred option.

3. Perfumes:
Gifting perfume is one way of saying to her “Wear the fragrance of my love.” Perfumes are the elegant and classy gift choice. If you know her taste in perfumes, very good.Just pick the one she likes of the reputable brand. If not, go with something soothing and subtle. Floral or citrus notes. Anything exotic in perfumes is also great to arouse the passion in her.

4. Preserved Roses: Your love for her is eternal. Make her believe in this by extending a heart-shaped box full of preserved roses. Available in pretty shades of love; this one is for love that is pure, deep, and everlasting.

5. Bath Bombs and Candles: This is a romantic combo. Will tell you how. You can set up a bath date with her. Light up the scented candles in the bathroom, and the homemade bath bombs in different flavours is for that warm and bubble bath experience with her. Later, she can use the other bath bombs for a relaxing and soothing bath in your absence, where she will be reminded of you.

6. Monogram Coasters: This gift is for the one who loves decor and interior designing. Coasters are useful pieces of home decor that is often neglected. Personalised marble coasters with her initials or your shared last initials will liven up your happy place and will help her remember to use.

7. Warm and Toasty Slippers: How is care best expressed? Well, by giving something cosy and warm to her. That’s why warm and toasty slippers are on the list. These are soft and furry slippers meant to keep her feet cosy. Some of the varieties can be heated in a microwave to keep her feet toasty. Add a lavender stem in the slippers for fragrance.

Not only say I Love You, show that you do with all your heart with the help of these lovely and romantic gift ideas.

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