The world is moving forward fast into a paperless society. As a result, chaos is produced in the digital world as much as in the real world. The rampant creation of web-based tools seemed to manufacture low quality online products. Nevertheless, there are those few with top of the class quality that you can surely trust, and such is the Gogopdf.

This article will shed light on Gogopdf's astonishing features like merging your PDF files, knowing how to delete pages in pdf, converting, compressing, merging, splitting, and many more! Advantages of using Gogopdf also gets discussed, being a tool that provides utmost ease on your portable documents.

Merging PDF

1. Merging PDF Files

Merging files can be a complicated task since this involves complex processes using complicated tools. However, it is not straightforward if you use tools that are not dummy-friendly. Gogopdf will consider your job done in a snap of a finger. You can even merge PDF free if you wish. You can avail of their free trial anytime you like.

If you want to begin merging your PDF files, the first thing you need to do is select a file and another file you want to merge it with, and Gogopdf shall do the trick. After that, you can modify your files however you like. Then, you can finally download your merged files or even share them online!

2. Compressing Your PDF Files

As vast as the world is, and even much more extensive online, there are also other tools available for compressing PDF files. However, the usual complaints are regarding the quality of the compressed file. But with the use of Gogopdf, there is nothing much to be worried about. File quality will not be affected even when the file size gets reduced or resized.

The seemingly complicated process of compressing your files is all made easy with this tool. You have to choose which files to compress, select your desired available option, and squeeze your files readily. You can handle it with ease and convenience since it does not involve any complicated tool or option.

From there, you can download and share your files online. All are simple steps with no risk of destroying or lowering the quality of your files!

The perks of having this compressor are that it is trusted and proven by many users. It has a 4.5 stars rating with a vote from 1071 users. It is also said to have the best compressor among the many available tools you can search for and use online! This makes this one of the most reliable web-based tools in the market.

3. Converting Your PDF Files

This website provides a faster and more reliable tool in converting your PDF files. It is a guarantee that Gogopdf is known for its reliability in converting files from Word, PDF to PDF, JPEG, and a whole lot more! The methods provided by this tool are user-friendly and easy. One does not need to be tech-savvy because this website makes everything easier for you!

In converting your files in the server, you have to choose your available file and directly drop it on their PDF converter. With its advanced system, their tool will detect your desired files. Just a few seconds away, your file becomes ready. Plus, you can still change anything you wish in your file when it is deemed necessary.

4. Splitting Your PDF Files

Sometimes, if one of the pages of a document needs editing, one tends to split it to address the mess. However, some pages end up getting mixed up with another file's content due to breaking PDF files' complex process. But with this website's system, you don't need to worry about splitting your files. You need to follow these simple steps:

You can choose the file that needs splitting.

Now, select the page that you wish to separate in your original document.

After that, decide to refine the pages you want to transfer from another file.

Your file is now ready to be downloaded.

This less-hassle tool will save you time and money compared to the system provided by other web-based tools. As people look into reliable online tools, one must consider the efficacy, and of course, it's the price. It rests assured that with Gogopdf, your documents will be so much easier to process so you can proceed with your other tasks.  

5. Electronic Signature

Nowadays, online signatures are getting mainstream, especially if you are formally dealing with people online. Most tend to scan and print their signatures, and it consumes a lot of time and effort. But the long wait is over! This website already launched its newest e-signature tool.

Gogopdf provides an easy method of having your electronic signatures readily available online for your documents. It bears no hassle since you do not need to undergo back and forth in scanning and print your signature. You need to follow these easy steps:

First, you need to choose the file you wish to have your electronic signature appear.

If your file is already on the server, the server will add your signature to the document.

Press "finish," so the system can now begin with the e-sign procedure.

Just a few moments away, your file that bears your signature can finally be ready for download.


Gogopdf guarantees you an easy way to carry out any of your tasks related to portable document format. Hence, you do not need to worry about having complicated tools in getting your PDF-related job done. Indeed, this website is a top of the market tool because of the comfort it guarantees to its users.

The key features of Gogopdf are seamless. Even if you are not tech-savvy, all processes involved are smooth and easily understandable. Since its creation, many people now have much ease in finishing their tasks relevant to PDF. If you wish to experience the same comfort, search and click their website and avail your free trial now!

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