There is a wide array of options for teeth replacement. Apart from implants, you can have removable partial dentures that are kept in place by wire clips. There are also fixed dental bridges placed to the teeth alongside space and the traditional full dentures.

There are many other treatments to choose from, but none of these conventional methods of replacing teeth preserves the bone. In fact, partials and dentures are known to accelerate the process of bone resorption. Some cases will require several months to finish this process, but in some circumstances, dental implants may be instantaneously loaded after insertion. Therefore, the time to finish this treatment is minimal, although the dentist and/or surgeon will still have to evaluate the instant loading options.

In contrast with dentures and partials, these implants are securely fastened in the mouth, just like the natural teeth. They do not require adhesives, clasps, or a special cleaning routine. Since these implants contain replacement teeth, crown, and root, they feel and work naturally. These implants can be life-long if cared for properly with daily oral hygiene, cleanings, and six-month check-ups. Click here to know more about the difference between dentures and implants.

Here are some of the Benefits of Dental Implants over Dentures or Dental Bridges:


Losing the entire tooth, crown, and root included, will cause shrinking of the jawbone that will inevitably form a wrinkled face, thus, an older look. These implants halt this process, but the conventional bridge or denture doesn't. In addition to this, implants feel and work like natural teeth. Because implants integrate with the bone structure, they will prevent bone loss and gum recession that will often go with dentures and bridgework. Your dentist will ever know the difference between the natural and the replacement tooth with dental implants.


In implants, there will be no loose parts to think about. These are comfortable and stable, with no adjustments needed after implantation. It will ideally last a lifetime, but everything needs some care to extend its life, so you better off have a proper caring regime to make them last longer.

Improved Confidence

Implants allow the teeth' normal function, such as speaking and eating with ease and confidence. Their firm fitting edge offers freedom from the wobbles and clicks of the typical dentures.

Sustained natural teeth

Unlike bridges, adjacent teeth are not ground down to provide support for tooth replacement with dental implants. The left teeth will be untouched, which is a very significant benefit for the maintenance of oral health.


Implants have a high success rate. They are recognized as a great option for tooth replacement.

Caring for your dentures

Not everyone's teeth are perfect. This is totally understandable. As a person, he or she may experience a certain chain of events that lead to deterioration in the natural teeth. Or in some other cases, accidents involving severe sudden impacts may result in the need for dental prosthesis to replace the unusable natural teeth.

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