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Concerned and anxious about learning how to drive? Follow this article to choose the right driving school that will make the experience easier for you.

To start driving, finding the right driving school is most essential. You might be a starter or need to improve your driving skills for professional jobs. You need the perfect driving school for total theoretical and practical learning. Being able to drive is one of the must-have skills of the modern lifestyle. And to know safe driving is the most essential part of it.

What The Situation Is Like Post COVID-19

As a new driver, learning how to drive is a nerve-wracking experience. On top of it, there are a lot of new guidelines added that new drivers and their instructors are having to follow to maintain the safety measures during COVID-19. The roads are now less congested than before, this will ease the learning process for newcomers, helping to relax their nerves and get rid of stress. The lockdown did cause a big backlog for students who are eager to learn and get behind the wheel. New safety precautions, however, does restrict the number of pupils an instructor can teach per day.

In most parts of the world, lessons have resumed after the lockdowns were eased. A few basic safety measures include wearing face masks while taking the lessons and using hand sanitizers to disinfect your hands before you get inside the car. The instructors also have a set of guidelines telling them how to contact and carry on communications with their students before starting the lesson. They also have to follow strict measures to sanitize their cars before and after each session.  

So while safety is at the forethought of everyone's minds, picking a reliable driving school is also important if you want to take full advantage of your lessons. A few tips that can help you make the right choice are given below.

1.Make a list of few driving schools:

When you decide to learn driving from professionals for skill development and license purposes you need to do some research. You can make a list of agencies available in your area. Know about their services and charges. You might think about what additional benefits they have in comparison to other driving schools. They will teach you driving the same way but it’s not true. Not all agencies are the same. They have their differences and choosing the right one for a safer experience is important.

2.Gather information about their teaching process:

Before joining any driving classes you should know all details about their teaching process. In driving, both theoretical and practical learning is important. You should know how they will manage both classes. Experience is a big matter in driving lessons. So it is important to know about the type of instructor they are hiring. You should know how much time they are going to give you behind the wheels and on theoretical classes.  Ask various questions related to their services to get the most from your admission.

3.Know about the type of students attain their class:

You should also know about the students that took lessons from your chosen driving school. From this, you can learn if the agency will be able to serve your purpose properly. If you want to get a professional license to work with some vehicle driving company you should look for a school that has more students with these interests and if you want to learn the basics for everyday driving you should find the one which has more students like you in their learner list.

4.Know about rules and regulations:

Not all states follow the same rules. Also, it’s not the same authority in every state that issues a driver's license. So wherever you live or want to work, learn about their authority and rules applied.

In some states, they don’t have any mandated rules and regulations for driving. For those, you have to follow the instructions of the National safety council or American safety council.

5.Find out about the vehicles they use to teach:

You should know details about the vehicles they will use to teach you to drive. Types of cars are very important for learning lessons. Check if they are marked with learners or student driver stickers. Also, check if the vehicles are inspected regularly. See if they have both manual/ stick and auto driving vehicles. This will ensure a proper driving lesson for you.

6. Look for slow going class schedule:

Don’t choose any driving school that finishes the course in a very short period. Driving is a course of practicing and learning. Choose classes that give you longer sessions and more classes.

7. Check for rules violation report:

This is a very important part of the decision making process. Try to know if the school has any rules violation report against them to the concerned authority. You can visit official websites like ‘Better Business Bureau’ to find out about such complaints or if any other disciplinary actions have been taken against them.

8. Check with the insurance company:

If your insurance company allows some discount on taking driving lessons and you want to take the opportunity then make sure you check with your insurance company before you enroll in any driving school. Because in most cases insurance companies have contracts with few selected driving schools for their clients to get the lesson. So if you take lessons from any school not under contract with the insurance company you will not be eligible for such a discount.

9. Visit the school premises:

Visit your chosen driving school before taking the admission. Have a look at the classrooms. Check the classroom capacity. It’s always better not to be overcrowded. Check the equipment they have. If they have the latest version or using the old versions. Visiting the place will give a much better understanding of their service.


Learning to drive is a fundamental life skill to master, especially after the pandemic when you need to avoid public transports if possible. Being able to drive your vehicle also helps you find the next level of freedom in your life. But choosing the right driving school is the first step to achieve that freedom. So take notes from the tips in this article and begin your journey towards a safe and comfortable ride.

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