Due to the sensitivity of the eyes, sensitivity can occur (external stimuli and builders can provoke a situation);

an incompetent and inexperienced master can cause a minor injury to the client (this rarely happens);

an unscrupulous lash maker can infect the client with an infection (before enhancing the factitious beauty, it's advisable to work out what methods your sterilizer uses);

ciliary follicles inevitably suffer: after eyelash extension, the expansion of the vegetation will hamper.

It is important! After extension reception, eyelashes grow for much longer than hair that doesn't "torture" with any procedures.

After getting obviates your hair, you would like special care. But before starting "restoration work," the extended inches should be aloof from a specialist to not harm themselves (if you read blogs, not one girl is taken out of vegetation thanks to the inability to get rid of artificially).

Council. For a few times, it's better to depart mascara and home appliance - this is often necessary so that each hair can take an exact stage from the "load" and quickly grow new vegetation.

Other causes of loss:

  • diseases of internal organs;
  • wrong care;
  • poor quality cosmetics;
  • Buy quality products proven brand
  • stress,
  • the environment (its negative impact).

Eyelashes after throwing themselves out

Loss may be a natural process: Some hair falls out, others grow back. If the patch with each hair that's not visible and also the problem is aggravated, you ought to visit the doctor (perhaps the cause may be a problem with the thyroid gland).

But in any case, it's essential to stay the face clean (do not touch the face with unwashed hands and don't let the pet lick it) and see if there's a cause for the disease within the use of cosmetics.

Be aware of! The explanation for the loss may be a particular disease: Anyone who forcibly pulls and tears their hair is diagnosed with trichotillomania. Does one suspect this disease? Consult a specialist.

If you scorch, cut or tear your hair, it'll recover, but it's not known how long it'll take. But with stimulants (masks, massage, etc.), this process is greatly accelerated.

How to grow ilashas

Terms of care:

not three eyes, especially dirty hands;

do not move to bed until we wash the makeup;

Eat right and don't persist a diet: thanks to them, the body doesn't get the required vitamins, and fat isn't the woman's enemy (thanks to them, the expansion of hair increases);

we take the ant ophthalmic factor and add it to the nutritional masks (it is chargeable for the development of vegetation - with its help, it'll be possible to extend the length of the hairs);

We do massage on the eyelids 1-2 times every day for 2-3 minutes (press lightly on the eyelids along with your fingers - the blood will "flow" until the bulbs and hair growth are activated);

regularly before bedtime, apply a brush (gently wash the comb from the old carcass) aperient (1-2 drops) on the hairs (castor is liable for the thickness and strength of villi);

We stimulate the expansion of hair with aloe juice (it also incorporates a soothing property): we dip a cotton swab within the liquid (a few drops) and draw it along the cilia. Once every week, you'll be able to make a mask with oil and juice (ratio: 1: 1). It should be applied (suitable cotton swab or brush) in the dark and rinse within the morning.

Professional tools

"Activating" of growth are available in numerous forms and by different manufacturers (the formulas of every are original). A number of them declare: their preparations can awaken the bulb of the bulb after rupture and prolong the active growth phase.

The following brands deserve attention:

What Careprost , Buy Careprost and Super Lash seems like

Be aware of! Shopping tools are often used, but not always, otherwise it'll cause brittleness of the villi. it's unnecessary to use hormonal stimulants often and for an extended time; otherwise, addiction will come - the tool will now not work, and the cilia will begin to fall off.

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