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TikTok made a great swash in the last two years. TikTok is crowned with the most downloaded non-gaming app in 2019 and used by over 800million users globally. The majority of platform users are teens between the ages of 14 to 23.

It is an easy platform for advertisers to reach their targeted audience in a short time. Constantly growing TikTok's audience and the craze around it, the platform has a glorious future than today.

If your brand is stepping on a TikTok, here are the appreciative TikTok marketing tips to grab Z generation users and Millennials.

Why Is TikTok Perfect For Teens?

According to the research, 41 percent of users on TikTok are aged between 15 and 23. These audiences are the Z generation who were born after 1996. Also, significant users on TikTok are Millennials, and they obtain above 25% on the platform.

It clearly shows that TikTok is a grand social media to grab younger people. 92% of TikTok users visit the platform more than once every day and spend an average of 52 minutes every day. It superbly gains your chances to get grasped by your potent clients.

How To Advertise On TikTok In Upcoming Years

There are two ways to use TikTok for business and marketing purposes. You can open your brand's account on TikTok and invest something in producing your content. You can also market on TikTok using the influencers or its tools to attain the results.

Make your account and start creating unique content.

In upcoming years, TikTok is one of the powerful platforms for Generation Z and Y. It is because TikTok is a short term video-sharing app and video crowns social media nowadays. Since the last few years, businesses and brands that use video content for their marketing strategy have grown from 25% to 88%, and it continues.

If video content marketing is not your strategy yet, you can start it by opening an account on TikTok for your business or brand. Videos have higher chances to go viral in a short time on TikTok than any other social media platform.

A significant thing in TikTok marketing is to obey the conditions. Writing handy captions, adding sounds, filming stunning dance moves, and adjusting in vertical video position will step up you to capture TikTok likes, views, and shares and reach a broader audience in different locations. Apart from content creation, you also need to join in challenges, which is the favorite part of the Z generation and liked by most users on TikTok.

Launch Your Hashtag Challenge Or Join In Existing Challenge

Hashtag challenges are more effective tools in terms of growing a vast audience. So, TikTokers, both individuals and brands, participate in the trending challenges of becoming famous and having fun.

Guess is an excellent instance of a brand that launched its challenge on TikTok. Intending to market the Fall '18 collections, they launched a hashtag in the name of "#InMyDenim" and asked the users on TikTok to participate in the hashtag challenges. Also, they added the perfect song that matches their brand's style and TikTok's format. At last, Guess partnered with two influencers to perform the challenges.

The campaign runs for six days, and Guess achieved the following results from that campaign.

  • 11 million views
  • 4.5% engagement rate
  • 5500+ User-generated video contents
  • 13,000 new followers

Guess managed to increase brand awareness, spread their new collection, and engage with millions of potent clients in a week through running a single challenge on TikTok.

Promote On TikTok

The platform launched its business version in 2019 that helps the users to advertise their services and products. It is less than a year since launch, but the opportunities were picked by most of the top brands such as Mercedes Benz, Nike, Amazon, and more.

TikTok also created the Ads manager, like the example of Pinterest and Facebook. You can monitor your campaign effectiveness, and you can fix your future ads for your audience preferences.

TikTok provides five different types of ads that you can select based on your marketing objectives.

  • In-feed ads are the ad types in the feed section that help you reach the targeted audience.
  • Brand Takeover gives the full-screen experience and also varying options to capture your targeted audiences.
  • Top View is the upgraded version of Brand Takeover ads, which shows on the trending page on TikTok.
  • Hashtag Challenge brings your campaign to market on the platform for six days. You can grasp more engagements through this ad.
  • Branded Effects: You can utilize the stunning effects to explore your unique creativity and engage with the users on TikTok.

Too Faced, a beauty brand, is the perfect example of how to promote TikTok. Their primary objective is to gain brand awareness and increase sales for a specific product. Too Faced chose the Brand Takeover as a promoting option. When a TikTok user launches the app, they can see the Too Faced promotion first as a full-screen ad. A user can interact with the ad for five seconds, which is enough for the user to click. It depends on the attractiveness and uniqueness of the content of your ads.

In a day of advertising, Too Faced achieves:

  • 1.4 million clicks to the service or product page
  • 18.40% CTR(Click Through Rate)
  • 7.8 million impressions

Collaborate With Influencers On TikTok To Produce Content Without A Production Team

Joining hands with the influencers on TikTok helps you bring better results, from attaining your targeted audience quickly and exploring brand authenticity to generate high leads and increase conversion rates.

And it would help if you also thought twice before selecting an influencer you like to run campaigns with. Apart from seeing their analytics and bio, monitor their demographics, and know their audience, which suits your strategy well.

Once you fix that, you need to put your extra efforts to provide your campaign's unique and creative content. Spend more time to build a strategy that you did in influencer collaboration that stands out from the hundreds of millions of videos on the platform every day.

Let's see the strategy of Ralph Lauren. They challenged the popular TikTokers to stylize their clothes and thus promote different products. For example, they joined hands with Dixie D'Amelio, who has over thirty million fans on the platform, Andre Swilley with over eight million followers, and Lani Baker, who has over 4 million followers. This cooperation helps Ralph Lauren to achieve above 275 thousand TikTok followers.

The marketing strategy you will select is based on various factors. If you need to grab sudden results, you want to market your services or products on TikTok. Those who have the best team make creative and unique content and launch challenges on TikTok from scratch. If you can't fix your mind to which route you choose, try on different formats and watch your brand results best.

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