Kind Of Flowers Should Be Sent

Flowers are the first gift ideas that come to mind whenever there’s a special event. But, you should look out for suitable newborn baby flowers. As you know, different scents and pollen can cause allergies. Thus, new baby flowers should be gentle. 

New parents spend their time at home tending for the baby. Thus, they need a beautiful and cheerful environment. There are rules to the flowers to take to a baby girl or a baby boy. But you can break the rules and take your creative arrangement. Here you will learn how to select newborn baby flowers and a few examples of the same. 

Tips on choosing baby flowers

There are factors to consider when selecting newborn baby flowers. The following are the vital factors to look at when choosing budding flowers.

The place you will visit the baby

Do you have time to visit a newborn at a hospital? Then a small flower basket would be right. Hospital rooms are limited, and a large bouquet may consume a lot of space. In a home setting, you can take a large bouquet or potted flowers. What you need to check out, in this case, is the presence of anyone with allergic reactions to flowers.

The Baby’s Gender  

Many well-wishers, friends and family members often have a hard time in finding colour coded flowers. This is because the local flower shop down the street will not always stock exotic-coloured flowers. In such cases, it is best to go for online flower delivery Abu Dhabi to get matching colours according to the gender of the baby. This is sure to make a great and positive impact on the parents and show that you care.   

Is there anyone with allergies in the Family?

allergies in the Family

Flowers are beautiful gifts. They even think when they accompany other gifts or greeting cards. But, they can cause chaos if a close member of the Family has pollen or scent allergies. 

If you are not a close friend, consult the parents before you proceed to buy the flowers. But, it would help if you were careful when selecting intense aromas as you don’t know how the newborn will react. 

Sunflowers, dahlias, and hibiscus are one of the least fragrant flowers. They are appropriate to include in a newborn baby flower basket.

The baby’s Gender

The baby’s Gender

Traditionally, there are flowers that people take to a baby boy and a baby girl. Pink flowers are for girls, while blue is for boys. Yellow is considered unisex; thus, a great choice at any time. But, you can break the rules at any time and mix the colors with creativity. 

The typical flower hues to send to a baby girl include pastel, pink, and purple. The flower choice is mainly tulips, rose, and lilies. However, you can contact the parents to ask them about their preferences.

For baby boys, yellow and blue flowers are standard. That is why people chose freesias, iris, and delphinium. But, an all-white flower basket looks angelic. It is also unisex and would be great for a boy or a girl. 

The Baby’s Birth Month

The Baby’s Birth Month

Every flower is associated with a particular month. You can do some research on the same and know which type of flower is tagged on the baby’s birth month. For instance, carnations are associated with January, asters with September, and daisies with April. 

Types of flowers suitable for babies

Types of flowers suitable for babies

When selecting newborn baby flowers, avoid aromatic and delicate flowers. The wither easily gives the parents a hard time disposing of them more often. For example, carnations are an excellent choice, but gerbera daisies will last longer. Also, gerberas are more affordable and have a more comprehensive color range.

Select a flower arrangement that is adult-themed. As much as the flowers are to celebrate the baby, the parents will observe the flowers more. Also, remember to select flowers that are lightly scented. However, there might be no one with allergies in the Family. No one knows how the newborn will react. It will be safer to keep the scents mild. If the flowers have hidden pollen, then it would be best.

How to Send Newborn Baby Flowers

Do not send flower basket flowers alone to a newborn. Add some goodies to the basket to make it more practical. As you know, the flowers will soon wither, what will be left for your memory? 

A gift card is the standard item people add to the newborn flower basket. A teddy bear would go a long way; the baby will need it when playing with toys. Also, a baby shawl or babby clothed would make an excellent addition to the basket. 

When you are sending the flowers, consider how they will be stored. Thus, it is thoughtful to send the flowers in a basket or a vase. 


Newborn babies and flowers are beautiful, that is why people like welcoming the little angels with some budding baby flowers. If you take the tips above, you will make the best selection the next time you want to receive a newborn. You can ask your florist to assist in selecting the type and hue of budding baby flowers. Do not forget to send the flowers with other gifts.

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