Worried about your outfit for St. Patrick's Day? Or do you casually want to know if you can wear green and still look stylish and chic? If you're a green lover, be happy as your favourite colour has come in fashion trend and we see no near end to this beauty. However, there might be thoughts in your mind like, say, green isn't a sexy colour, or green makes me look skinny, or green makes me look boring or dull. Hold on and be with us as we share some of the best styling tips on how you can wear shades of green and still carry the same amount of class and swag like you do when you wear black. Do we mean green is the new black? Who knows, let’s figure it out. To get excellent offers and discounts on your purchase, use Napapijri promo code and Boden promo code Australia.

Green and Leopard

Be it concerning shoes, skirts or belts, green and leopard is a fire combination. The pattern is an unbeatable way to give a pop of personality to (really) any hue. If you feel other designs can look great, don't fear to experiment and try them on the mix. And if you have nothing in your mind, you already have the fool-proof way noted down. You have noted it, right?

“One” Pop Colour

Wearing green and flaunting it as one pop colour is never a bad idea. Throw a long dark-green coat over a white tee and a pair of blue jeans. Or pair a sea-green shaded shrug with a polka-dotted t-shirt and black denim. These styles are as casual as street styles but are as classy a sassy woman holds. When you feel that the green you’re wearing is too showy, understand it’s just right for your look.

Go Green

Yes, that's a tip not only when it comes to mother Earth but also when it comes to looking sexy. You can play with different shades of green for a single outfit. Get slacks in a slightly dark green hue, pair it with a scarf printed top and layer a lighter shade jacket. Weird? No. Cincy? Absolutely!

Casual yet Beautiful

If you prefer comfort over everything, here also, you would prefer a casual outfit among all. You need not always have to stand out from the crowd for your green. Wear a green striped sweatshirt with a pyjama-style light brown shaded trousers. Be comfortable but keep the stylish vibe going.

Sexy Green

How tough is it to wear a green top and still look sexy? Extremely hard until you team a puff-sleeved green top with high waist black pants and pumps. Once you try it out, you would know that you can look sexy in any colour if you carry the bold confidence with you. That’s exactly what’s really important.

Green Blazer

Did you ever think you would get a green blazer for yourself? If no, now is the time to get a light green blazer and pair it with a black tee and dot-pattern mini-skirt. Putting your feet into knee-high boots would be the best with this combination – to keep you warm in the little dicey weather and still keep you all set.

Olive Green

Olive green is highly in trend now. So be it an olive green top with cream-colour chinos or olive green chinos with a light shaded top, it looks good no matter how you pair it. That's what we call an unbeatable trend.

Green is a neutrally combining colour that goes well with almost all palettes if paired right. So, try out the above styles and bring more greens into your wardrobe as you bring in your kitchen.

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