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The Edgewater Care Center is a multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to providing premium quality, and client-centered healthcare services to the people of New Jersey. Their board-certified healthcare practitioners can diagnose and treat a comprehensive range of medical conditions, injuries, and chronic illnesses. Their clinic is a state-of-the-art facility that has modern lab testing facilities available for their patients with the best possible care. I went for fever treatment NJ last week and was surprised to see that they are providing complete healthcare to the COVID-19 symptoms. 

Often, a fever will get better without medical attention. However, if a child or an adult has a fever, has other severe or worse symptoms, or has a weak immune system, they should seek medical help. To prevent a fever, individuals need to follow the standard precautions for decreasing the danger of a disease. These include ordinary hand-washing and avoiding people who are unwell. Preventing COVID-19 To decrease the danger of transmitting or contracting COVID-19, Edgewater Family Care is suggesting the following: 
  • Washing the hands routinely with cleanser and water for at 20 seconds each time 
  • Using hand sanitizer that contains 60% alcohol if cleanser and water are not accessible
  • Avoid contacting the face with dirty hands 
  • Covering the face with a veil or fabric covering when close to others, aside from children under 2 years 
  • cleaning and sanitizing surfaces consistently 
  • Coughing and sneezing into a tissue, at that point discarding the tissue and washing the hands
  • maintaining a physical distance from close contact with people who are unwell 
For more information on the most proficient method to make and wear a face cover, visit the Edgewater Family clinic. A fever is typically a side effect of a virus. It isn't normally a reason for concern, however the hidden disease may require clinical treatment. Edge Family Care Center is the most trusted medical facility in New Jersey where I’ve found the best application of all COVID-19 precautions. Every instrument was being sterilized. Patients and staff were instructed to sanitize their hands frequently. What sets them apart from other healthcare facilities in the town is the personalized care that they provide to every patient based on his/her specific condition and needs. For the Japanese people like me who are living in the United States, the most worrisome thing is their health. Although open to all, Edgewater Family Care Center facilitates Japanese people in foreign health screening, family practice, pediatric, general practice, and psychiatry. 

From newborns to adults, get complete family consultation from medical specialists. They are also offering influenza vaccinations. Sometimes I got stressed over some severe health issues like malignant growth, diabetes, coronary illness or stroke in my family. In such scenarios I can inform my specialist directly for the issues I or my family are suffering from! Doctors are extremely friendly and professional. They ensure your better health. I really want to give 10/10 to their diagnostics! From X-ray to endoscopy, you can avail every facility at Edgewater Family Care Center comfortably and efficiently. 

They are offering various kinds of test which include:
  • Height/weight test 
  • Blood pressure test 
  • Cholesterol level test 
  • Glucose test 
  • Throat test 
  • Ear test
  • Eye test 
  • Fever test 
  • STD test 
  • Pap smear test 
  • Electrocardiogram (for those at a higher danger of coronary illness) 
  • Chest X-ray (for chain smokers) 
For the patients who are referred for chest screening, the facilities like chest X-ray are also available at Edgewater Family Care Center. In case a certain facility is not available at their clinic, they refer the patients to concerned medical specialists at other locations.

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