Any SEO COMPANY would agree that a website is the main ingredient in any DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANY VIRGINIA around. It serves as an all-around salesperson, offering and helping potential customers online.

To create a great website, it should identify and solve various issues encountered by any site visitor. Unfortunately, the fast-phasing setting of the digital world makes websites outdated quickly. To overcome those, the BEST SEO COMPANY VIRGINIA shares some tips in improving the site, especially for its users.

Never hesitate to use white space.

While some companies dislike white space, some SEO COMPANIES IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA see its vitality in excellent design. Besides witnessing the content clearly, it also makes the user focus more on the write-up and its elements. An SEO COMPANY VIRGINIA noticed that having white space in the article results in an increased 20% attention level.

However, one downside of white space is it takes up some space. To avoid it, the SEO COMPANIES NORTHERN VIRGINIA emphasized the balance between texts and filling it with highlighted images.

Optimize the speed of the texts. 

The SEO COMPANY VIRGINIA BEACH is aware of how frustrating for users to wait for a page to load. The NORTHERN VIRGINIA SEO COMPANIES notice how most site visitors are accessing websites using their mobile devices. When they get what they want, they will bounce off to another site.

Unfortunately, the BEST SEO COMPANY IN VIRGINIA mentioned that a five-second page load time could be added to its bounce rate. For an SEO COMPANY IN VIRGINIA, this is terrible news. To improve the website's speed, the MARKETING COMPANIES IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA suggested compressing images before uploading.

Consider using a catchy Calls to Action (CTA).

The SEO COMPANY IN RICHMOND VIRGINIA knows how customers follow visual cues to see the content they want.  Calls to Action (CTA) are excellent ways to help visitors explore the website easily.

For VIRGINIA DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANIES, there are two ways to create an attractive CTA:

- Using color psychology: The DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANIES IN VIRGINIA believe that colors evoke a message. Considering the message a website wants to evoke to its use will determine the color to choose.

- Actual words to use for every button: Meanwhile, most of the MARKETING COMPANIES IN VIRGINIA depend on the action word to encourage their users to do something on their site. These will serve as psychological triggers as it recognizes how these can instill the emotional identification of its customer. The MARKETING COMPANIES IN VIRGINIA BEACH suggest using bold and action-oriented words.

Never neglect the hyperlink differentiation.

A hyperlinked text in a page invites its visitors to take time and visit the linked site. To make it more effective, the MARKETING COMPANIES VIRGINIA BEACH suggests the use of visual cues. Using underlined texts or different text colors gets any user's attention and informs him of the link to be clicked.

The VIRGINIA MARKETING COMPANIES noted that any website developer shouldn't reinvent the usual ways in hyperlink differentiation. Instead, they can stick to the convention like checking which color will stand out, to make sure you obtain an attractive visual cue.

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