Do All Websites Require AMP

Websites serve many purposes in these times. They are the first means of introduction between a buyer and a brand and are a source of information on the business processes and value. If you are a business owner looking forward to getting a website developed for your venture and increasing your brand customer base, you must not ignore some features that directly affect your website’s performance one of these features in AMP.

Defining AMP

AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages and is a framework that allows developers to create mobile pages that are quick to surf. These pages are based on JavaScript, HTML, or cache libraries, which increase the loading speed of a web page.

This article aims to emphasize the need for AMP for most websites in the current day and age.

Five reasons to incorporate Google AMP on your business website

For some experts, the use and importance of AMP are subjective. But looking at some benefits it offers, it is clear that business websites can benefit from it greatly. Some of these benefits which will make you knock at the doors of a professional developer are as follows: 

Incorporate Google AMP on your business website

Better server performance

Everyone knows that users enjoy a website visit if it is fast. If you want that to be the case of your website, use AMPs. When you have made use of AMPs, there are no additional elements that will take surplus time to load. In this way, the website load time declines drastically.

Fast loading of your business website means that a very low percentage of people will leave the website without getting the information they are here for. Get in touch with a reputable web development company in Dubai to ensure the fruitful incorporation of AMPs in your website.

Font optimization

AMPs help optimize fonts. While in a normal website with no AMP, all the elements of the page take separate time to load. The large fonts are then downloaded once the other elements are loaded. But AMP tends to limit CSS or any other external script, such as, HTTP requests, and thus there is no need for downloading process at the run time for these large fonts.  

Minimal style

Since normal websites have dynamic scripts that are working and importing fonts and other functionality on the run time, load speed is very low. The way a user interacts with the page further complicates how a web page and its layout come off.

On the other hand, with AMPs, the page layout doesn’t get influenced by external elements. This lack of influence stems from the fact that AMPs put a restriction on the kind of scripts that you can include. Thus there are very minimal recalculations of the website layout in run-time.

Resource loading prioritization

The AMP framework has one biggest advantage that when a user tries to load a page, the framework will prioritize the information or content visible to the user. There are certain resources on the webpages which are categorized as important and are thus pre-fetched for the user.

Since the most important function of AMPs is speed, the website developers need to let go of some other enhancements which are used to incorporating in their work. They will instead have to adhere to AMP's limits to take full advantage of the AMP speed enhancement capability.

Low bounce rate

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors in the market, you will need to optimize the website and mobile experience of your website visitors. The biggest hurdle in this is the low performing websites. A website is considered to be performing low when the pages take very long to load, and people return from the website empty-handed. The image and reputation of a brand take a hit right there.

AMPs are majorly about high flexibility and good website performance. By providing you access to a streamlined style-sheet, you give your users a website based on a flexible backend. 

Are you creating your business website in 2020?

That is the best thing you can do for your business in the year 2020. Without an online identity, nowadays, it isn't easy to make a name for your brand. Thus, get in touch with professionals to develop your website. Ensure that the practices of these developers are up-to-data, and the technologies they use behind the face of your business are not obsolete. 

AMPs are the need for modern businesses. You can aim for good SEO rankings, higher conversion rates, and fast website loading with the help of AMPs. Using accelerated mobile pages for your website will give a unique shape to your website design as well.

Do not hesitate to think out of the box!


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