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Did you know that homeowners are 3 times more likely to have a security system installed than renters? But unlike homes, condos and apartments see multiple different people arriving at and leaving the premises each day. And when you’re living in a larger complex, it can be even worse since there are many more people that you don’t know, who are residing there alongside you. Anyone off the street could enter into the building and claim to be the partner, relative or friend of a resident. Needless to say, it’s important to ensure that your condo or apartment has the appropriate level of security, in the same way that you would ensure that you own residential plot of land was secure.

Change the Locks

Prior to moving into your apartment, the locks on your doors should’ve been changed by your landlord, or alternatively, sorted out on your own with permission. This is especially important in ensuring security, as you don’t have any idea how many ex-residents out there could have duplicate keys to your apartment, not to mention their relatives or friends. In addition to changing the locks, it’s always a great idea to install deadbolt locks to your apartment doors, provided that your landlord permits it. It should be noted that deadbolt locks are a highly secure locking solution, which can help to provide ultimate protection against forceful, physical attacks.

Get Custom Aluminium Security Screens

As great of a physical barrier as security screens are, they involve physically altering the windows of your apartment, and henceforth, would require permission to be installed from the landlord themselves.

Most suitable for outdoor complexes, aluminium security screens are applied over windows in order to provide increased protection. Not only have these screens been manufactured to last and tested to withstand against a number of forced entry conditions. In addition to this, they also prove as an effective deterrent, whilst also injecting style into your apartment building. Getting custom aluminium security screens in Perth is a particularly good idea, as these screens would be manufactured to fit the requirements of your apartment’s windows most accurately. Furthermore, aluminium security screens are also the more budget friendly option, when compared to most other Intent Security Services.

Install a Wireless Security Camera System

A lot of apartment complexes already have a security camera system in place these days. However, if your apartment building is one of the few that doesn’t, then it may be an issue worth bringing up with your landlord.

On the other hand, if you’d rather avoid speaking with the owner of the complex to discuss such matters, then it may be worth investing in a wireless home security system for your apartment. Remember that a wireless CCTV system won’t make any changes to the physical state of your apartment. Consequently, you won’t have to worry about consulting your landlord to ask for permission prior to installation. 

CCTV cameras are great because not only can the very sight of them be enough to deter burglars, but they can also provide you with the evidence you need if you do happen to become victim to a break-in. You will be able to use recorded video-footage evidence to back up your case in court. What’s more, having this system connected to your smartphone will allow you to keep tabs on your apartment, wherever you are. 

Buy a Safe

A safe is always worth having, whether you’re an apartment resident, a homeowner, or even a businessowner. No matter who we are, we’re always going to have certain valuables that require protection. And if you leave these items out and about throughout your apartment, chances are that it’s going to come back and bite you if you ever do get broken into. Some types of safes may be on the more expensive side, but can you ever really put a price on keeping your precious valuables safe in the long run? A one-off investment like this is worth it, especially if you’re going to be using it to store priceless items such as family heirlooms or other irreplaceable items.

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