Living rooms are literally the centre of attraction of your home, because they are the first things that your guests notice. Nevertheless, it’s the best place to spend indelible family time. Hence, the living room should radiate great vibes irrespective of its size. Moreover, small living rooms when decorated with interesting interior design, speak a lot for your home!

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If you are struggling to make your small living room look classy and captivating, then here’s a catch for interior decoration of small rooms –

1. Colour Combination

This idea of interior design makes a small room look bigger. Colour combination can make anything look like either gold or like brick. Smart combinations of colour can enlarge the view of the room. Having two different colours can make your room look clustered and small. So, you should set similar colours for both your walls and ceilings and mostly keep the colours light. This way there is minimal visual break of the room. Interestingly, the colour of your couch should be a shade apart from the colours of the walls and ceilings. It should pop out if your walls are dark coloured. This makes your living room look peppy. Colour combination is the master of interior designing. Thus, never side-line colours!

2. Size of Furniture


So what if your living room is small? You can always add furniture in your living room. Cupboards, sofas, tables can all be adjusted in a clever way. Choose small furniture when it comes to cupboards and tables. This way your living room is going to have a good amount of storage. But the sofas should have a touch of modern interior design. That means the sofas must be cosy enough. This will provide comfort to anyone who visits your living room.

3. Ample Storage

Infusing small but many cupboards and drawers in the form of storage is the best thing that you can do for your living room. Ample amount of storage gives you an upper hand in storing many essentials, making your living room look unoccupied and cleaner.

4. Add Accessories


Modern interior designing says that adding accessories to the living room stores liveliness in it. Accessorize your room with fancy lights, show pieces, clocks, plants etc. These elements will undoubtedly enhance the look of your room. You can accessorize your living with any mood that you set for it. Place things in the room with which you connect and which will talk about your personality.  Nevertheless, do not forget to add rugs on the floor. Befitting rugs add soul to the floor. Use large print rugs that will match with the colour of your couch.

5. Interesting corner

Your living room can be a multipurpose room too. Usual living rooms are just for catching up with your friends and family. But apart from that you can make a corner for some other purpose too. Since the living room is small, you can arrange a corner for book reading, working, drinking, etc. This makes the room dimensional for you. This is a very impressive interior design tactic. You can even use cordless drills to create something handmade.

Living rooms, be it small or large in size, should never appear to be boring. They should make an appearance to everybody. Interior design for small room space is a creative mode of designing your room. Let us know how you have planned your interior design!


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