Whether you are building or renovating your home or any other property, at some point, you will need to access areas at height like the roof, walls, etc. In the case of renovation and painting houses, some areas can be accessed with an extension ladder, but other jobs will require you to hire scaffolding. It will give you easy access above ground level and platform to work on or to move material around safely. Many workers can work together efficiently without any risk on one platform to save time and money. It is feasible to handle heavy equipment like bricks and mortar, which can be piled up on the scaffold before starting the work to save time rather than making several trips up and down with heavy material on shoulders. Now that you are clear with the concept of scaffolding, we will discuss the typical cost of scaffolding involved in this process. Understanding the value of scaffolding is a little complex as it depends on the duration, height, type of project, and many other factors.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Scaffolding
Whether you are going for a small home renovation or constructing a home from scratch, there are real chances that you will need scaffolding. As you would need one, let us help you get an idea of how much it would cost. But before we move on the cost, let us give you a rough idea about the factors that affect the price.
  • Duration of renting the scaffold
  • Size and height of the structure required
  • Addition cost for making scaffolding roof cover
  • Number of levels needed in the framework
  • Public access restrictions
  • The location where scaffolding is needed, the price will be high in the city rather than rural areas
  • Easy access to different areas of the building will lower cost
  • Any additional requirement like bridging conservatories, pathways or driveways
  • The quantity and quality of material used

Scaffolding cost per square meter
For a fundamental scaffolding structure, you will need to pay £15 per meter and £19 per meter above it for additional materials and edge protectors used.

Cost of Scaffolding for a House

Scaffolding for a Loft Conversion
This is the most common scaffolding cost that people search on the internet. Still, it encompasses many factors while estimating it’s cost e.g., the dimension of loft, height, access, and other complexities involved. The essential cost per meter is £16 plus £9 per square meter for any additional material and £10 for edge protectors and handrails.

Scaffolding around Conservatory
A conservatory requires a bridge over the roof, challenging to erect as some shelters are fragile, slippery, or risky. Therefore the estimate will range from £450 to £900 per week. 

Scaffolding around a Chimney
Scaffolding around the fireplace is adjusted over a ridge at the highest point of two roofs. Workers need access to all the sides of a fireplace; therefore, the cost will be high, estimating from £65 per day or £420 a week.

Access Tower Scaffolding to Gutter Height
The essential cost of scaffolding for access tower to gutter height starts from £65 per week; however, it may rise to £120 depending on your needs.

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