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We all have been picking up flowers from gardens or from florists from our childhood, right? However, did you ever give your heed to what these flowers actually mean? What do they represent in our daily life? What does the symbol of flowers want to convey? If you are an avid lover of flowers and before you order flowers online, don’t you think you should also know their symbols and meanings underlying it? Now, what I am trying to say that each flower that exists in nature has some meaning within it.

Flowers have their language of their own and it is indeed a universal fact now. The flowers communicate in their language through different colors, shapes, and sizes. You might be a great lover of flowers, but it could be possible that you might be unaware of their meanings. So, if in case you want to give a flower to your love, friends, colleague or your parents, you must know the right meaning of the flowers. Here is a list of the symbols represented by these flowers. Do check it out and unfold many facts about some of your favorites flowers.


This beautiful flower is the symbol of fortune, wealth, and prosperity. Yes, this one flower can be considered to be a good omen, So, if you wish all these wishes for someone you love, you can prefer buying this flower for them.


The reason why I was suggesting you know the meaning of these flowers as its meaning should not hurt or offend someone else’s sentiments. Yes, this flower when viewed in a negative approach, signifies losing hope and positivity. Whereas when looking at its brighter or positive side, the flower represents anticipation. So, those who are aware of the meaning of these flowers might not want a flower that stands for a negative meaning as well.


Well, this beauty beautifully represents hospitality and patience. Also, widely known as the synonym for love but has also been famous for its daintiness and of course elegance. Thus is one beautiful flower that when given to your loved ones, would make them feel special and make your bind a lot stronger with them.


This is one of the trending flowers in the floral industry. Being highly recommended for celebrations, decorations, gifts, and more, carnations come in a variety of colors and hence are quite desirable and in demand. The flower comes in white, red, pink, and yellow. Strongly suggested by florists for dates or gifting purposes. So, you can always put this flower in your bucket list. You can send flowers online to someone close to your heart but resides miles away.


Daffodil flowers have a huge assortment of meanings. Sometimes it stands for regard and chivalry, whereas, it is a representative of a new beginning, eternal life and also, rebirth. It is also believed that a bunch of daffodil flowers is regarded as joyous and cheerful, whereas a single daffodil brings sorrow or misfortune.


We all are quite familiar with this flower, right? However, did we ever think back in the past, that it might too be having a meaning, no right? Well, daisy stands for loyalty. So, if you are loyal to someone, greet him or her with a daisy flower to greet them.


This enchanting beauty of nature signifies innocence and cheerfulness. Who doesn't love a cheerful person? We all do right? So, dedicate this flower to a person you know who brings cheers to your life just by being in it.


Gardenia flowers do stand for purity and sweetness. Also, they are the messenger of secret love. Also, it expresses joy and tells the recipient that they are lovely and cute.


This beautiful flower symbolizes a sporty attitude and cheerfulness. It rejuvenates a person with energy and power. So, you can regard these flowers as a gift to someone who needs to get boosted up and confident at the same time.

So, these were very few lost if symbols and flowers. Go through them and then make a proper choice before getting an online flower delivery in Delhi. Flowers are the soul of feelings and emotions. One could express a thousand feelings to their loved ones without uttering a single word with the help of these beautiful flowers and bouquets. So, do not fall back when it comes to expressing your love, thoughts, and emotions. Grab flowers and fill love in your life and people surrounding your life.

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