Developing a PPC campaign can be a lengthy and difficult task but there are some unavoidable tactics which you can use to get immediate results. Here are 5 important tactics which you need to look into if you want your PPC advertising campaign to be unique and successful.

importance for your PPC advertising campaign

1. Landing pages

If your PPC ads are bringing a lot of traffic to your homepage then it is important that you consider linking them to a custom landing page. This is one of the most efficient and effective ways to improve your results in an instant. It is important that your landing page is simple, nicely designed, it must have a clear call to action and they must be focused on the products or services that your ads are selling. It is really important that you develop an efficient landing page if you want your PPC campaign to be effective.

2. Campaign Extensions

One of the best improvement you can make for your PPC ads is by adding ads extensions to your ads campaign. Ad extension is a factor that allows you to display extra details or information with your ads such as information like addresses, contact number, website links, locations, coupons, etc. Another thing which ad extensions help with is that they improve your ad quality which plays a pivotal role in adwords auction.

3. Splitting your Networks

The search network & display network are two completely different traffic sources that act and perform differently than each other. If you plan to use both networks you might want to consider them splitting them into their own two different campaigns. By doing this you can easily manage each network individually and by using different settings which are appropriate for both of them.

4. Ad Copy

Do you feel that you are not getting sufficient clicks on your ads? To adjust your Ad copy can be a simple but an effective tactic to improve your clicks drastically. You need to create additional ads with variations of copy and then keep an eye on the performances of each of them to see which is more successful at capturing more clicks. You should try testing the title case, display URL variations, you need to change your call to action or need to swap description lines. You should always keep 2-3 ad variations for each ad group at all times continuing to adapt and build on what works better for you.

5. Keywords

Keywords carry great importance for your PPC advertising campaign. Your targeted keywords are the strength behind your campaign and you need to ensure that you are making proper adjustments and continuously improving it so that your campaign keeps on bringing the desired results. In order to evaluate a keyword to its extent you should allow your keyword to see at least 200 to 300 impressions. Once the number of impressions reaches this number but the click through rate is below than 1% then it is obvious that you should remove that keyword. It is important that you remember to stay aggressive with your keyword lists and you need to constantly add, delete and adjust your keywords and phrases in order to fully utilize each list.


It's important that you are familiar with these tactics if you want your PPC advertising campaign to be successful and if you want to reach your goals in quick time. It is necessary that in this digital age you have a proper marketing campaign and for that you need to have effective PPC optimization if you want to be a success.

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