Halloween is so fun, we just can’t get away from it. All those spooky dresses and parties. Not to forget the very special Halloween contact lenses.

When you talk about preparations it basically means deciding on a Halloween costume, which Halloween party to go to and how to make the most of the fright night at Halloween.

To some Halloween may be just about setting up Jack-o-lanterns, spooky decorations and giving out sweets to the kids trick-or-treating but not for you. We know that you are preparing to let go your inner Halloween craze this year. To you it is about causing spine chilling screaming’s with your terrifying Halloween costume. It is not just about catching the attention of everyone, but giving out goosebumps and freaking the life out of your friends and that is how you have fun on Halloween. So how do you dress up like that for Halloween?


Dress up for this year's Halloween

To spice up your Halloween you need  a Halloween costume which is worthy of catching the eye and frightening at the same time.

Now with so many blockbuster movies and hit TV shows coming every day, the entertainment industry has provided us with some great characters and costume inspirations for Halloween. The White Walkers from Game of Thrones, the zombies from the Walking Dead or the Venom from the Marvel studios are a great and popular choice. Then you have Chucky the doll and Jeepers Creepers making a comeback to the film industry alongside the IT clown.

Or maybe you have already decided upon the costume you want to wear this Halloween to spread some fear at the Halloween party? But no matter how the costume, you would need Halloween contact lenses to really cause that chaos you are looking for. 

With Halloween eye contacts you can bring any horror costume to life. These eye contacts provide you with the special effect to actually look like a real monster from a TV show or movie. And because of that they have become very popular among Halloween fanatics.

How do the Halloween contacts work?

You must have heard the saying that "you can look into the soul of someone by looking into their eyes."

With Halloween contact lenses you bring that intensity, that ferocity, that extra fright and life to your Halloween costume.

Since your eyes are powerful, why not use that to scare the souls out of others with your Halloween lenses?

These crazy lenses will take your costume to another level and you will surely become the center of attention at your Halloween party. Of course, no one will dare come near you, but they won't be able to take their eye off you.

Now you must be thinking about where you can buy the best Halloween contact lenses for Halloween, which online store near you could provide great quality and variety? You need not to worry as we are going to list down some of the best online stores giving out the most amazing Halloween lenses near you.

The best Halloween Stores Near You...

The below mentioned online stores for Halloween contact lenses have proven their quality and have provided a great range of crazy contact lenses for Halloween and events alike. We would also mention in the detail below some of their best selling products which might get your attention.


Mesmereyezwholesale.co.uk is one the top brands in UK shipping out excellent quality Halloween contact lenses and other contact lenses alike. They have a superb collection of crazy and Halloween contacts which suit everyone.

They have provided their customers with a very easy to order system alongside fast shipping. With so much variety and quality they have won some serious British National Awards over the years.

Mesmereyezwholesale.co.uk not only specializes in Halloween contact lenses, but they have a great variety of other contact lenses cosmetic purposes. You can even buy Halloween lenses by their time span from mesmereyezwholesale.co.uk.

Still feeling that there is something missing? Then know this you can avail all the latest accessories with mesmereyezwholesale.co.uk.

But as we are talking about Halloween contact lenses so we must talk about the top selling Halloween products at mesmereyezwholesale.co.uk.

The Vampire Contact lenses- These are one of the most in demand contact lenses at Mesmereyezwholesale.co.uk. The variety of contact lenses are spectacular like the Bloody red Vampire lenses or the Blind Twilight Bella lenses are top selling items

Devil Contact lenses - Another contact lenses that provide you the appearance of the underworld entity. Some of the best selling products are the Devil lenses and the Red Rage Mini Sclera.

Black Contact lenses - The Halloween lenses in this category give you a completely dark demeanor and with the black sclera contact lenses you are bound to look extremely dark and spooky.


ColourYourEyes.com is another brand dishing out wonderful range of Halloween contact lenses all over the UK and US. They are not only experts with natural colour contact lenses but their Halloween contact lenses are top-notch.

They have a great variety of designs and colours which you can only find in selected stores near you. When it comes to the pricing of the products you can avail great discounts on a number of Halloween contacts.

The great thing about colouryourlenses is that they are providing free shipping worldwide all over USA, UK, Australia, Europe and parts of Asia and believe it or not it is super fast. 

Below mentioned are some of their best sellers

White Halloween contact lenses - the thing about White Halloween contact lenses is that they are applicable on a number of Halloween costume. With just a little design and patterns you can have the perfect lenses for your Halloween costume. When it comes to colouryoureyes.com their Whiteout Halloween contact lenses are amazing. With a little black spot in the middle it turns the rest of the pupil white, it is perfect for a monster costume from another world.

Yellow Halloween Contact Lenses -  Believe it or not Colouryoureyes.com have a spectacular set of Yellow Halloween contacts with them at very affordable rates. If you’re looking to dress like a swamp monster then why not try the Yellow infected Lenses. Or how about the Wild Cat lenses to confirm that you are a wild beast from the jungle running berserk.


Well, guess what Mesmereyez Australia has been taking over the market all over Australia and the rest of the world with the most "spooktactular" Halloween contact lenses.

With mesmereyez.com.au you will get what you have seen on the internet, or maybe it will blow your mind. You will get a great deal on exceptional quality products to choose from.

Like the other brands mentioned above, they have a very user friendly ordering system and fast shipping all around Australia and the rest of the world. You will be getting perfectly safe and comfortable to wear contact lenses, it would be as if you never wore anything on your eyes. Yet you will be able to scare off anyone coming in your path, the effects would seem so real.

There best and top selling products are mentioned below

Black Halloween Contact lenses - Black has always been a favourite colour, won't you agree? And now, Mesmereyez.com.au has come in with some of the most exciting shades, designs and patterns in shades of black. Black not only is the colour for showcasing elegance but when you talk about Halloween it is the colour to represent darkness and all that frightening elements from the dark world.

The best Black Halloween contact lenses at Mesmereyez.com.au are the Blackout Halloween Contact lenses for the ladies wishing to rock the Maleficent costume. And then you have the black Sclera Contact lenses which give its users a really haunted and demonic appearance. Why not use these Sclera lenses to become the Grim Reaper or a possessed girl by a demonic spirit? There are so many choices with these great Halloween contact lenses.

Ultra-violet contact lenses - if you are heading to a Halloween dance party with UV light special effects, then these beauties by Mesmereyez.com.au should be your first choice. These are extremely popular among Halloween party lovers as they glow really bright under UV lights. This special effect allows the user to remain the center of the attention while no one else can be seen. Some of the best shades in UV light are the Vino red Halloween contact lenses  and the UV glass  White Halloween contact lenses.

Wondering what costume you can wear with these beauties? Well, how about an alien from another planet with bright glowing eye? Won't that be a sight to behold?

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