MBBS in Russia

Accommodation of a student is one of the major things that every parent thinks about when it comes to another country. But as a parent, if you are sending your child to Study MBBS in Russia you will find the best accommodation. Russian medical universities provide great hostels and food facilities to every student whether he/she is Indian or another international student. In Russian medical universities, they do not allow more than 2 or 3 students in one room.

Let's take a sneak peek at the hostels of Medical Universities in Russia:
  • At the university hostels, the students from different countries stay together, eat together, live together and in this way they get the opportunity to interact with other students and get to know about others. University hostels allow them to know and understand the different cultures of other countries. At the hostels, students also get to do other exciting activities which help to stay comfortably and make the environment pleasant. Medical universities of Russia organize cultural events every year for its international as well as native students.
  • Students staying at the hostels get full accommodation and all the facilities that you need in your daily life. The hostels of the medical universities are fully furnished. Washrooms and toilets are fully-cleaned and there is a hot & cold water supply for 24 hours. Some of them have central heating systems so that students do not face any problems. The infrastructure in the hostel rooms is commendable. Every room contains beds, desks, chairs, telephone facilities, wardrobes, and all the necessary things. Some hostels allow students to keep some personal items like dishes, any electronic equipment, etc. Students do not feel too cold in winters in the hostels because they do have centralized heaters in every hostel and keep the atmosphere warm. The temperature of the hostels does not exceed 22-degree celsius. Medical universities in Russia also have combined hostels in which they allow boys and girls to live in the same hostels but on different floors.
  • Hostels of Medical universities also provide gym facilities, separate study rooms, laundries, internet, telephone for long-distance calls and medical posts.
  • As Indian parents are very caring and overprotective, medical universities of Russia provided reliable and safe security to the Indian students, so that they can stay fearless in the hostels. Universities of Russia do not make any compromise in the security of their students, they always take necessary measures to keep their students secure. Policy security, 24*7 CCTV surveillance, wardens and security guards are present every time in every hostel of Russia.
  • Universities of Russia do not bound student’s learning to the classroom only. They organize a variety of cultural activities in which students can take part and learn about other cultures. Students can also go on trips that are organized by the universities to enhance the students’ knowledge about the culture, history, and geography of Russia. Russia is a beautiful country and there is an abundance of places that you need to explore. Historical monuments, museums, galleries, and many more activities. Extracurricular activities like horse riding, pilot lessons, sports activities, and drama productions also attract students. Students also get interested in other social activities like opera houses, ballets, and plays.
  • The security guards of the university hostels do not allow any student to enter without showing valid ID proof. To keep the hostel secure and into its premises, the guards do have some restrictions for the visitors too. Students need to show their ID proof every single time while entering the hostel. The hostels of medical universities in Russia also have particular timings after which students are not allowed to enter or leave the hostels.
  • Hostels in the medical universities of Russia do not restrict its students to eat only hostel foods. Students have a variety of options in which they can choose to eat the cheap food of the hostel cafeterias or they can also go for eating in the other accessible cafes and restaurants in the city. One student costs around 100-130 Euro per month for the food. Universities hostels also have supermarkets and other stores so that students can buy groceries for their personal consumption. They also provide shared kitchen facilities on every floor of the Russian hostels so that if any student wants to cook he/she can. International students, especially from India, love to cook by themselves.
  • Russian hostels charge a nominal cost for providing the facilities in the hostels to international students. Expenses of all the hostels are not the same, it may vary from town to town and university to university. The average cost of 30 to 70 euros per month per student. Costs can increase due to the increase in the rates of accommodation. As Russia supplies energy resources the world because it has plenty of natural resources, so the chances of an increase in the costs are less.
  • Before coming to the hostels of Russia, as a student, you should bring a minimum of 30 Euros with you to fulfill your personal needs or to purchase some necessary things like dishes, clothes and other products.
Universities of Russia provide full accommodation facilities to Indian as well as other international students. If you are getting admission into MBBS in Russia, you must stay in a hostel for better study and exposure. At the hostels, students get to know other people and know about them, their cultures and their languages.

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