After winter, the cold wind whistling, the temperature plummeted, also touring long pants, eating hot pot, a warm bed, want to come to drink tea is also an excellent way to warm up. The cold weather in winter, a cup of hot tea or artisan loose leaf tea can make your warm hands, and the tea is rich in trace elements and vitamins, can also regulate physiological functions, drinking tea can prevent cold and warm, but also promote metabolism and increase bone density. The benefits of drinking tea are inexhaustible.


For winter, the low temperature and appetite increase the exercise is relatively reduced, it is easy to gain weight, and drinking tea can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, promote metabolism, not only women's winter weight loss prescription, but It also allows you to eliminate fatigue and mental exhaustion.

Natural Pu-erh tea:

In winter, it is best to drink roasted tea or warm, less irritating tea. Pu-erh tea is suitable for winter, tea is mild, winter is heavy and cold, and it is the season of yang clogging. At the same time, Pu-erh tea also has the effect of greasy, blood fat reduction, etc., all of which are good drinks in winter arkadia chai.

Black tea:

Black tea is warm and can nourish the body's yang; black tea is rich in protein and sugar, which is hot and warm, can enhance the body's ability to resist cold; black tea can also help digestion and greasy. Also, the use of black tea gargle or direct drinking has the effect of preventing influenza, which is also necessary for winter. Because black tea is a kind of fermented tea, it is very irritating, and it is especially suitable for people with a weak stomach and body.

Green tea:

The winter climate is dry, especially in the north. Northerners eat hot pots such as hot pots or lambs in the winter. At this time, everyone will get angry easily, so I suggest you drink some green tea after dinner. Green tea will help digestion and eliminate anger. After lunch, the office workers will drink some green tea in the afternoon.

Oolong tea:

Oolong tea has anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects, and its degreasing and digestive effects are sometimes even stronger than those of Pu-erh tea. Also, Chen Fang’s old tea has the effect of warming the stomach and thirst, but it is necessary to pay attention to preservation. No odor, old wine that has not deteriorated.

Scented tea:

Flower tea includes jasmine tea, magnolia tea, osmanthus tea, rose tea, etc. It is made by adding green tea to the tea slab and adding different fragrant flowers. In general, flower tea can nourish the liver, strengthen the limbs, and clear the meridians. Taking jasmine tea as an example, it can clear away heat, relieve spleen and calm the nerves, and has a good effect on treating dysentery and preventing stomach pain.

Honeysuckle tea can clear away heat and detoxify, refresh and quench your thirst, and has an ideal curative effect on a sore throat and so on. Therefore, in this winter, it may be appropriate to choose flower tea, especially women who are prone to depression and temperament before and after menopause and menstruation, may wish to use the method of drinking tea to eliminate depression.

Jujube tea:

Jujube has the effect of enhancing physical strength and strengthening muscle strength. It contains cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which can expand coronary arteries, enhance myocardial contractility, and contains components such as maslinic acid, which has the effect of inhibiting cancer. Jujube has a high sugar content and generates a lot of heat, so it is especially suitable for heating in winter.

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