Will you ever turn down an invitation to a resort that specializes in winter and summer recreational activities?

Hold on a second. Let me rephrase the question; are you up for a winter challenge for skiing? My friends asked me on a hot summer day (we live in Phoenix) and truth be told, I was dying to experience something other than scorching heat. I said yes to anything at that point. And just my luck, the opportunity to visit Canada arrived at the right time.

winter holidays

When to ski in Canada

Year-round, the country is cold, but it’s not always cold there. Unlike some of the hottest states around the world, Canadian province, Ontario, is deemed to be a perfect spot for travelling. In my experience, when we first arrived made travel arrangements from Waterloo to Pearson Airport taxi, I was a bit skeptical about how the trip might go in the long run.

A weekend to spend on a resort surrounds by layers of snow and keen people around jumping up and down in their winter gear had been enough to excite me, up to the part until I realized I didn’t know how to ski. The opportunity never arises in Phoenix. So I was all about taking reins this time and finally learning how to ski.  The best time to go on a ski trip is from November to February starting right from the first day of holidays in a row.

The reason we chose Kitchener Waterloo was mainly due to our budget travelling. If you think ski trips can be expensive, you are right, they are expensive. But there are smart places to travel to as well.

First time experience of Chicopee Ski Club

Covered from head to toe was a funny look for me, but when you are on top of a ski club, it’s all game. Founded on cold December 29, 1934, this club is situated on a hill and includes various activities such as alpine skiing, snowboarding and tubing park.

It was a fresh sight to see families moving out and about, kids in the arms and couples on honeymoon were easy to spot as a matter of fact. Just so you guys know, the ski hill is a dead drop of 200ft. so whether you are a pro or an amateur, try not to break your neck, it will spoil all the fun otherwise.

• Care for safety comes first

Arriving in December, at a peak time for holidays, is one of the most crowded times in the winter holidays. We got scheduled activities for the day; based on team building. As it turns out, before you can try the slopes for skiing, the coaches and staff ensure to give safety lessons (so that's a good start. The lessons are quite helpful for beginners. The easiest trial, Beginner Terrain Park is like a gym class without any walls. You handle the skiing equipment and fall dozens of times. This hilarious moment was captured for future torture (beware travelling with friends who are jerks!).

• Runs for the ski

Every ski resort divides a good portion of hill sloped for three-level of difficulties. The first one is the beginner's slope. As you can guess it's for kids and amateurs. The easiest of the slopes include a path of Little Foot, Kids Zone or Tenderfoot. Magic carpet lifts (fits two-three persons) is designed for the beginner's slopes. After all, you will need motivational support too (like I did).

And then there are the most difficult ski trails of Camel's Hump, to Mic-Mac, Apple Bowl, etc. All in all, there are 11 runs. The difficulty level for experienced skiers is from medium to hard slopes.  

• Ski school program

Least I could expect from Chicopee Ski Club was a Snow School. Did it exist? Yes, it did. On your merry ice-laden, on Waterloo limo to the club, I was mockingly informed that I could join the school if I was interested to become a pro. Even kids these days were rather good than I can ever be (an ugly truth) but on the serious note, it is a great effort.

Those who love winter sports can learn a lot.

Besides this, every year, during winter holidays, special weekly programs are arranged for instance on Christmas discount bundles of discount offers can cheer up the sullen mood.

Concluding my experience…

I didn't become a pro within a week (as I imagined), as I have terrible coordination with my legs and the ski equipment, overall it was fun. I never descended twice on the beginner's slope but it was a worthy experience to have.

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