Pune city in Maharashtra is a growing metropolis of the country. The city of Pune is well known as the city of hills. The natural beauty and greenery in and around the city are still well preserved. There are numerous dams and lakes around Pune. Lots of birds and other fauna can be found here around these water bodies. The lakes also have facilities for boating, kayaking and lot more activities. You can also take your tent with you and camp at a good place. Below is a detailed list.

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Pashan Lake

Pashan Lake

Pashan is a beautiful suburb in Pune city. Pashan Lake is a well-known place among nature enthusiasts in the city. There is a walkway around the lake with a garden and a lot of trees and greens. Many birds come to this water reserve. It is just 10 km from the main city.

Khadakwasla Dam Backwaters

Khadakwasla is a well-known picnic spot in Pune. During the monsoons, you can find hordes of people around the backwaters. The backwaters are spread over and are a usual stop for people going to visit the Singhagad Fort. It is just 14 km from the Pune city.

Panshet Dam Backwaters

When we go a little farther from Khadakwasla the next dam is the Panshet Dam. The beautiful blue waters are enticing. And the tall mountains around it are challenging. You can also do some boating around in the waters of Panshet Dam. It is just 42 km from the city.

Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake near Pune has emerged as the best destination for camping among the youngsters of Pune. This is because of the beautiful sunset views and the gentle slopes towards the waters that the lake provides. There are some areas though where loud DJ sounds fill up the night. If you are up for some dancing then it is a good place for you to visit. It is 56 km from the Pune city.

If you are in Pune, Maharashtra and want to spend the long weekend quietly among nature, then these lakes near Pune are the best place to go.

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