The tenth anniversary iPhone is sure to be special. Rumors are abuzz about the features that are likely to be introduced in the phone. Here’s a list of news have some credibility:

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 could be delayed:

Apple has been following a Fall release schedule (except for the iPhone 5SE) for more than five years now. This year, there’s a lot of anticipation about the iPhone 8 releasing in September or October. But if rumors are to be believed, this could be postponed. We know for a fact that the iPhone 8 is likely to feature 3D Touch on an OLED screen. In fact, Samsung is said to supply around 80 million OLED displays. They’re also likely to include facial recognition, wireless charging, and printed circuit boards. Incorporating all of these changes has been a huge headache for the company. Reports about a delay are only becoming stronger by the day. Not long ago, a KGI analyst has earlier reported about the company facing supply issues. There was news that Apple was facing delays with their proprietary fingerprint sensors. A Japanese news site has earlier the company’s 3D camera sensor suppliers needed more time to increase mass production.

Glass Design:

Apple is expected to swap the iPhone’s aluminum casing with a glass casing to allow wireless charging. The old frame is likely to give way to a new stainless steel frame sandwiched between two curved glass enclosures. The curved design may give users the impression of a continuous sheet. Could this make the phone fragile? Can you afford to lose a phone that is likely to cost upward of $1600! For now, we can do nothing except wait until release date. Rumors about the glass casing were first reported by 9to5Mac citing research notes of a KGI Securities analyst. There’s also another rumor that the glass chassis is likely to be a feature of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus updates as well.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality could truly be iPhone’s most radical change. Apple recently introduced us to AR during the new iPad launch at the WWDC event. Will they go a step ahead and introduce it on the iPhone 8 as well? iPhone was recently awarded patents for advanced facial recognition boosting rumors about AR. Users can make use of the feature by pointing their camera at an object to learn more about the said object. It could also make it easy for them to seek directions. So, instead of following a map on Google Maps, you will get the real location on the screen with a marker directing you to the correct address.

While none of these rumors are confirmed, one thing’s for sure – even an entry level iPhone8 is likely to set you back by $1000. That’s not expensive because the iPhone7 Plus already costs around $969. But a top of the line phone is going to be very expensive. Of course, network carriers will be offering great deals on SIM locked phones. And if you want to unlock the iPhone, call us! We’ll help you.

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