What is a Facebook business manager?

Business Manager facilitates advertisers to manage their marketing activities in one place and share the right to use to assets across their team, partner agencies and vendors.” It means you can manage multiple tasks in one place with the Business manager. When Facebook advertising started there was no need for Business Manager because the average business most likely just had a few ad accounts and Facebook pages and some of the staff to manage them.

Business Manager

Over time the number of assets available has grown and this is why a management portal is now essential. That is a good thing in the long run because you can run extremely difficult campaigns on a do it yourself (DIY), cheap platform. So that will mean there’s a bit of learning curve in the short-run. Click here to read more about facebook accounts.

Guidelines for Facebook Business Manager

Facebook continuously rolls out new functions that make its advertising platform more intuitive, but my goal is to provide you the basics you would like to induce started.

While the guide below outlines how to set up a single Image ad, we encourage you to explore and check different things to take advantage of all that Facebook has to offer.

Step 1: Set up a Business Manager Account

To advertising on Facebook, it is necessary to set up a business manager account where you can easily access your pages, ads and issue access to people to manage your account also. For setting a business account,

Open facebook business account from Business.facebook.com

Click on an icon with the name of “Create account”

Enter your business name, select the primary Facebook page and also provide your name along with email

For set up advertising access, open Business Manager Setting

Click on “add account” which is under People and Assets

Choose “Add New Ad Accounts” and then you have to click on the icon of “Create a New Ad Account”

Step 2: Navigate Facebook Ads Manager

After setting up billing and payment information, now you are ready to Navigate to Ads Manager,

First do setting in “Ad Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads”

Manage and modify media spend

Target specific audiences

Monitor campaign performance metrics

Now you can access Ads Manager just click the drop-down arrow which is the corner of upper-right and then click on “Ads Manager.”

Step 3: Select an ad objective

When you are in Ads Manager, choose the green “Create Ad” button in the top-right corner of the page. You’ll be prompted to select a campaign objective, in other words, what you ultimately need to attain with this ad: awareness, consideration, or conversion.

When you made your selection, create a campaign name–congratulations, your campaign is officially created

Step 4: Select your audience

Facebook’s audience targeting capabilities are its bread and butter. With most demographic data captured by users across the world, it’s possible to get very granular in who you push your ad to.

You can filter the people in a few ways,

Location: country, state, city, zip code, or a mile radius

Age/ gender


Education: schools, year of graduation, the field of study

Interests: pages they like, areas of interest (i.e. Entertainment, Fitness and Wellness, Food and Drink)

Behaviors: purchase behavior, digital activities, charitable donations

Net Worth

Step 5: Set your budget

Facebook allows users to take control of how much they need to pay on every ad.

There are currently two main ways in which to assign media to spend:

1. Daily media spend (the average dollar amount you’ll pay per day on an ad)

2. Lifetime media spend (how much cash you'll pay over a set duration of your time on an ad).

So its depend on your budget that how much do you want to spend to maximize your earning

Step 6: Decide where to run your ad

If you are a Facebook user then you have seen that some ads pop up on your mobile news feed, a desktop news feed, and on the right side of your screen (right column). additionally, with Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, you will be able to create ads on Facebook Ads Manager for Instagram.

Step 7: Create your ad

You are nearly there, because you have created your campaign, audience, and placement, it’s time to input the creative and copy.

First, select how you have like your ad creative to display because there are five different formats like Carousel, Single Image, Single Video, Slideshow and Collection

Step 8: Place your order

When you have been created your Facebook ad, click the green  “Place Order” button. Your ad will preview before it is approved please to make sure it does not go against Facebook’s Advertising Policies.

Step 9: Monitor performance

So this is time to monitor your performance, you can check performance through the number of times someone has clicked on your ad, also check the viewed time of your ads and what percentage of people make a purchase.

Set a reminder at a similar time daily to check in on your ads. If you’re not getting any grip attempt tweaking the creative, copy, targeting, or media spend.


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