While few deny the importance of operational compliance, hardly anyone understands why compliance is essential for a business. Those who claim to understand often limit their knowledge to the legal implications of non-compliance, viz. administrative sanctions, fines, criminal proceedings, etc. Truth be told, the purpose of compliance is for our own benefit. That is why C-level executives must treat compliance as a responsibility. You don’t need to memorize complex jargons or read detailed legal provisions; all it takes is to understand why compliance rules exist and what purpose they serve. How do companies ensure compliance and make sure employees follow policies and procedures? They hire us! We not only help companies improve customer experience, but also prevent them from making potentially disastrous mistakes.

mystery shopping

● Customized compliance audits can look for specific aspects of compliance:

At SeeLevelHX, we do not believe in cookie-cutter mystery shopping experiences. Rather, we create a customized market research program that will fit the needs of your company. You get to choose what kind of scenario you’d like to test and who you would like to test. We try and understand what business objectives you would like to achieve to design a program that’s likely to deliver the greatest impact. This includes creating highly specific situations and scenarios.

● Offers actionable and instant feedback:

Mystery shopping experiences offer companies the opportunity to immediately spot areas and employees that need improvement and take immediate action. Sometimes, the results of a mystery shopping could point towards refocusing the company’s training efforts. Sometimes, it could help them identify the most important link to their compliance policy.

● Offers a statistical analysis of data:

A mystery shopping program can help identify where you stand regarding operational compliance. It can also be used to identify trends over a longer period. It can also help identify groups that are 100% compliant as well as those that are improving.

Using market research services like mystery shopping for operational compliance audits saves you from the risks associated with noncompliance such as loss of money and reputation.

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