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Nearly 23 million students signed for their first MOOC or Massive Open Online Course in 2017 alone. More than 81 million people have taken MOOC since it was first introduced a few years ago. While so many people sign up, an equal number of people drop out as well. There are many reasons why they do so, but the most obvious could be the fact that many of them have unrealistic expectations about online learning. If you are planning to sign up for a course, here are a few things you should know aren’t true:
You have to be a pro at using technology:
Agreed, technology is an important resource that’s used to help students learn from anywhere and at any time. But it isn’t as complicated as it’s made out to be. If you are comfortable with using the computer and know how to download and upload files, use a professional desktop application or save and delete files, online learning should be a breeze. Because at the end of the day, online learning is all about taking education to people where they are – and technology enables this.
Online learning is completely online:
Online learning isn’t completely virtual for many reasons. For one, most courses include assignments in which you have to interview people, observe the environment around you, or even engage in some real-world projects. Essentially, the course is tied to things in the real world. There’s also the concept of blended learning, i.e., students have to adhere to a fixed schedule and attend classes on campus, but coursework and assignments can be completed online.
Online learning is easy:
This is probably the biggest misconception about the platform. Students often sign up believing that the course is going to be a breeze and end up with multiple commitments. They’re either working fulltime or are responsible for a young family. Some people sign up for multiple courses, and some others are primary caretakers. They end up being overwhelmed by the stress and often quit. You don’t have to give up on your dreams or compromise on work/family front with proper help. For example, it makes sense to hire online class takers like Online Class Help. This is a team of tutors helping students complete their homework and tests. All the student has to do is to sign up and ask, ‘Can I pay someone to take my online class?’
Online learning isn’t structured:
A lot of people believe that there isn’t much to learn in an online course as much as there is in a traditional course. But the reality is far from it. For example, students have a fixed start and end date, there are due dates for assignments, tests are held at the end of every topic, and exams are important during the end of the semester. In reality, it does not matter if students are learning in an online learning environment or a face to face class, as long as the learning is effective.

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